Do you properly protect your smartphone using online banking?

Although more than half of smartphone users use online banking, as many as 29% of respondents do not secure access to their device in any way - this is the result of research carried out by ESET. The aim of the study was to collect data on mobile safety.

Among the surveyed users of social media using smartphones, almost 10% of them admitted that their device has been lost or stolen in the last 12 months. On smartphones we store photos, files or messages even from a few years, so their loss may have unpleasant consequences, especially as up to 20% do not back up files on your smartphone, and only 15% of users do it every day.

- For Android users, the subject of the security of their devices is very important. Last year, we observed a record number of threats for this platform - including the first-ever attack consisting in encrypting PDF files, photos, music and documents on a mobile device, i.e. Simplocker. The most important thing for these threats is prevention, that is, backing up files - says Raphael Labaca Castro, security expert at ESET.

One of the basic tools to protect your smartphone from physical burglary is the device lock. However, 29% of users do not block phones from unauthorized access, even though they use social networking sites or online banking. Typically, Facebook or Twitter users do not log out of their accounts on smartphones, so losing an unblocked device may result in the unauthorized person taking control of the profile. Those who block their device most often do it by means of a PIN code, 12.5% ​​use for this purpose fingerprint, and 3% face detection system.

How to best protect access to corporate networks, personal mailboxes or Internet accounts? Use two-factor authentication, eg by means of SMS messages. Almost 65% of respondents use two-factor authentication, thus securing access to Internet services, such as Facebook or Gmail. This type of security can be particularly important in the case of such services as online banking, which is used by 53% of smartphone users surveyed.

The survey was conducted between January 29 and 17, 2015 by ESET, on a group of five hundred internet users using social networking sites with smartphones.



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