Does the government really want to censor the last bastion of freedom?

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna has found an archival document sent quietly on June 12, 2018 by the Minister of Health, Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko, to the secretary of the Council of Ministers Małgorzata Hirszel on the project "on amending the act on counteracting drug addiction and the act on the State Sanitary Inspection". The most interesting paragraph is the second point, which informs about the " proposal" adopted by the Ministries of Digitization, Finance and Infrastructure about "a new register of Internet domains for offering goods and services contrary to the law, which will contain a list of Internet domains based on separate provisions ."

It is difficult not to take into account such a scenario, when in the long-term the idea of ​​the Ministry of Health can be used to block the private domain of online stores that trade non-drug products, such as herbs used in "alternative" medicine. This is just one of many ideas for censorship that the government can once put into practice. In fact, "illegal" services or goods can be adjusted depending on the constantly updated law to combat private enterprise and monopolizing state services - services usually more expensive than private and less well performed.

Thus, between the mentioned ministries, a new project was censored for all domains that fall under the "proposal" of the government.

What exactly means " illegal "? For now, these are, for example, gambling domains (a full list of government-blocked domains can be found at Over time, driven legislative diarrhea may proceed with new regulations defining as illegal, e.g.

  • domains that offer VPN services,
  • domains that break copyright (ACTA II or if you prefer taxes on links),
  • domains with published exam questions,
  • domains selling afterburners or alternative medicines not available in official pharmacies for pharmacists.

We insert the original letter in PDF so that "by accident" it will not be deleted: dokument347986.PDF

Quoting from DGP, Patryk Wachowiec, legal analyst for the Civic Development Forum, we fully agree with him:

The idea of ​​several ministries is a perfect example of how the state should not regulate the rules of using the Internet. It is a pity that the efforts of ministries do not translate into other projects related to digitization, which will be useful for citizens or entrepreneurs, such as the opportunity to collect signatures for the bill via the internet, full electronization of proceedings before the National Court Register or a real legal information system.

We have serious concerns about the intentions of the government's new idea of ​​blocking uncomfortable domains in accordance with current regulations at the given time. So far, an Internet user, entering one of the websites from the list of gambling domains, sees such a message:

blocking of gambling domains

In our opinion, the new rules for censoring the Internet will be as ineffective as the current one. What about the fact that telecommunication service providers and Internet operators are legally obliged to block gambling domains, since the average of a brainy elementary school pupil will be able to bypass this "security" - and if not alone, he will do it with the help of "how to change DNS- y "or" how to bypass the Internet lock ".

The proposed changes are another nail hammered into the free coffin (as much as possible) of the modern Internet. It is disturbing that according to information published by the Panoptykon Foundation, information about users who visited one of the censored domains will be available on request for the Chief Sanitary Inspector (!), The PFSA and the above-mentioned ministries . Again, telecommunications operators will be legally forced to store and transmit logs, i.e. IP addresses of users who have "gone astray" on the Internet and accidentally got to the site blocked by law.

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