Dr.Web for Windows: Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Antivirus version 11

Doctor Web, a Russian manufacturer of antivirus solutions, is pleased to announce the release of 11 versions of its Dr.Web applications for Windows: Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Antivirus. Version 11 has an extensive set of solutions and technologies that provide extended protection against zero-day exploits and other deceptive techniques used by criminals today and those that they will use in the future. Dr.Web uses the latest hardware capabilities to control the work of all installed applications and the operating system.

Preventive protection Dr.Web relies on the analysis of the behavior of malicious, suspicious or untrusted scripts and processes. Currently, it supplements traditional signature-based scans and plays a central role in neutralizing completely new malicious software. This is extremely important due to the ever-increasing risk of attacks by unknown Trojans, before they are analyzed by the developers of antivirus software. It's no secret that most of today's popular programs have disadvantages that can be used by cybercriminals to penetrate the system. Even if detected vulnerabilities are immediately removed by software developers, users often fail to install updates in a timely manner, which exposes their systems to the risk of infection.

For this reason, Dr.Web developers have paid particular attention to updating the heuristic behavior analyzer of Dr.Web Process Heuristics and extended protection of Dr.Web Preventive Protection with new Dr.Web ShellGuard technology that protects systems against zero-day attacks against the most popular applications. The updated heuristic analyzer can terminate the work of suspicious and malicious processes and is even more effective in detecting threats that are not yet in the virus database, in the detection of ransomware encrypting files, programs injecting malicious code and spyware. In addition to the local database, the new Dr.Web ShellGuard technology uses a Dr.Web cloud that provides up-to-date information on potential threats caused by vulnerabilities in the software.

The new Dr.Web HyperVisor component, working at the lowest level in the system, significantly increases the effectiveness of detection and neutralization of threats and ensures that all attempts to penetrate to the protected system or stop the work of Dr.Web Antivirus, carried out by malicious programs (including those not yet detected ) will be thwarted.

Another important innovation is the acceleration of antivirus scanning, without affecting the quality of computer protection. Players and users who often use online streaming of audio-visual streams will appreciate the fact that network audio and video playback is now without delay. Also downloading large files is now much faster. Thanks to the completely new backup procedures that have been added to the Data Loss Prevention component, Dr.Web now has lower memory consumption and higher usability. Additional parameters (including those in Parental Control ) and user interface patches make Dr.Web protection even easier to control. Thanks to the optimized update procedure, some Dr.Web components can be updated without restarting the system.

Please note that the SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor, Parental Control and Data Loss Prevention are only available in Dr.Web Security Space.

Working on solving current threats, Dr.Web software is also able to predict future ones. This approach ensures that the security mechanisms of systems protected by Dr.Web 11.0 will not be bypassed by cybercriminals.

Upgrading to version 11 is available for free to all Dr.Web users.

source: Doctor Web

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