ECM Insights 2017: only 25% of European enterprises are ready for RODO

Only 25 percent. large enterprises feel prepared for the introduction of the RODO personal data protection regulation - according to the ECM Insights 2017 study commissioned by the SER Group. Also alarming is the fact that almost half, as many as 45% of companies have not yet developed a strategy that meets the new EU requirements.

There is little time left: the EU regulation on the protection of personal data will enter into force on May 25 this year. If companies are unable to meet the new requirements, it may cost up to 20 million euros or 4% of total revenue (depending on which amount is higher). In the light of such high financial penalties, it is surprising that as much as 75% of surveyed corporations from European countries are still not prepared for the new regulation. In addition, 45% of them do not know how to meet the requirements, such as the right to delete personal data on request.

Companies do not know where they store data

Analyzing the results of the study, it is easy to see where exactly the problem lies: the IT environment in many companies is full of scattered information. Personal data is often stored in various outdated archives, obsolete systems, files or even in e-mail boxes. According to 77% of almost 2 thousand. polled people dealing with the processing of content in the enterprise causes a number of problems. The first of these relies on a gradual loss of access to information, which makes it even more difficult to adapt to European Union regulations.

- Many companies must first answer the key question if they know where personal data is stored in their company. If they do not have such knowledge, they can not even take action to meet the regulatory requirements of the GDPR - emphasizes Marcin Somla, Director of SER Group.

Doxis4 is a system compliant with the RODO Regulation

A solution for companies with this type of problem is to collect and classify distributed data and documents and make them available in one centralized ECM system. Thanks to such a system, companies will be able to search, forward and delete personal data at any time.

Thanks to the appropriate tools, each company can meet new requirements in the field of personal data protection. A certified ECM system, such as the Doxis4, provides a solid basis for compliance with the GDPR.

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