EDU and GOV sector - lower prices for WebTitan solution

Bakotech Sp. z o. o. together with TitanHQ, a producer of solutions in the field of MAIL & WEB SECURITY, informs about a 10% reduction in SRP prices for the WebTitan solution. The promotional offer is addressed to the education sector, as well as to government and local government institutions and organizations.

To meet the growing interest in solutions for web filtering Bakotech Sp. z oo, the exclusive distributor of TitanHQ solutions, introduces an additional 10% rebate on the WebTitan solution. The price promotion applies to all EDU and GOV customers in Poland. The condition for its receipt is the purchase of the WebTitan solution at Bakotech's trade partners by December 31, 2015.

WebTitan is a modern software with a Polish-language console, used for web filtering, ie filtration of websites, online content and Internet access control. This solution allows to prevent threats generated by phishing, malware, or websites with dangerous content and / or unwanted content. At the same time, it enables more efficient use of time resources of employees, users, enabling them or not, access to specific websites or content in accordance with the organization's policy.

More affordable, tailored to a wide range of recipients and flexible in terms of implementation, the solution allows you to choose between proxy or DNS based filtration. It also enables installation on a hardware, virtual machine (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V) or using WebTitana in the form of a subscription in the cloud, with almost instant accessibility of the service and no loss of time and expenses for implementation.

The efficiency and the possibility of detailed filtration were obtained thanks to the zveloCAT technology, which allows for categorization of pages in real time and using a huge database (over 500 million URLs). The solution also has a built-in anti-virus engine, and in the latest version also such functionalities as: SSL & HTTPS inspection and Youtube for Schools, allowing, for example, for precise filtering of social media, or access only to specific educational content.

source: Bakotech

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