An educational game that will teach you how to protect money from online scams

Kaspersky Lab announces the launch of the online education website " One dollar lesson ", thanks to which users can become familiar with common cyber threats for online banking and learn how to protect their money.

Online financial fraud is becoming more and more of a threat: according to a study jointly conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, 43% of respondents in the past 12 months have been targeted by financial information. Much more worrying is that 44% of people who lost money due to online banking fraud could not get back the entire amount lost.

Unfortunately, users often disregard the risks they face when performing online financial transactions. In many cases, this is due to lack of knowledge - it's difficult to understand all the details about online payment processes and the various risks you may encounter along the way. It is worth knowing, however, that regardless of whether the rate is one dollar or several thousand, the process is often the same, and users must be aware of what may go wrong when they transfer money using their laptop, tablet or smartphone.
The interactive online project One dollar lesson offers three virtual lessons. Each of them presents a virtual trip of payment in the amount of one dollar as it crosses the cyberspace towards its goal, the banking server, encountering various obstacles along the way, such as phishing , Trojans, man-in-the-middle attacks, etc. Threats are presented in a suggestive way, like "heroes" who can help the dollar safely reach the goal. Each episode contains a short description of a given threat, supported by the latest trends and their impact.

"Banking and online payments are something common today - millions of people use them to pay bills or shop online. However, users are often unaware of the risks their money is exposed to, which may make them somewhat careless during these activities. Our educational project is designed to help you better understand the risks and show how to manage money in a more responsible way - in accordance with the principle 'prudent, always insured' "- said Alexander Jerofejew, marketing director, Kaspersky Lab.

All lessons of the One dollar lesson guide were created with the use of attractive animation and contain content about various tricks and methods used by fraudsters to steal money and data authenticating banking transactions.

One of the steps to protect your finances is to use an effective security solution, such as Kaspersky Total Security - a multi-device. This software is equipped with Safe Money technology that provides additional protection for online financial transactions. Before the online payment authorization, this mechanism checks the origin of the page and verifies its certificate via data from the cloud, so that no malware activity will interfere with the transaction process performed on the computer.

source: Kaspersky Lab

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