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 Bitdefender GravityZone
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Test agent antivirus Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools is the third part of the (cz1, cz2.) a series of articles about Bitdefender GravityZone.

Very often the main cause of computer problems is the lack of an installed antivirus software. This issue is most often overlooked and can have tragic consequences not only for a single working machines, but also for the whole company (see. As the European and Asian logistics companies nabierano on Nigerian scam).

In the age of different vectors of threat antivirus protection is virtually essential. The chance of meeting them, whether it's on the Internet or on a local area network to the virus is the greater, the more global resources are available for an unqualified employee. The harmful software come across is very easy just malvertising or scam directs user to a malicious site that contains the Web attacks that automates the application called colloquially Exploit Kit'em-exploitowanie popular applications (browser, Office, Java, Adobe) is not uncommon today, just a few dollars and well prepared spam to easily infect your computer.

However, even the best antivirus protection should not too much strain hardware capabilities a computer or server. Only effective and efficient antivirus agent for 100% (see. Best Antivirus for business and home users, according to independent laboratories).

Test Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools

Real-time protection

By acceding to the test, the purpose of which was to examine the effectiveness of the protection in real time and the performance of antivirus software Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools supplied with Bitdefender GravityZone, there is a test machine Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 with important updates on the day of the May 25, 2015. Bitdefender software Endpoint Security Tools has been remotely installed from the console of the Bitdefender Cloud Center with default settings. In addition:

  • to see the HTTP protocol level protection for security policy WEB scanner is enabled, which by default is not active.
  • and antivirus messages is enabled.

The program Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools version have been subjected to study, whose aim was to examine the real protection during normal use of your computer.

In total there are test 120 samples of malware and phishing pages, 60. During the 3-day test program was subjected to the test on samples not earlier than 24 hours, which in ¼ were undetectable malware scanner-level Web, static signature and generic Bitdefendera.

The test is divided into three phases:

1. The first step was to block malicious software already in the browser. Running has been 40 malicious Web pages, which contain various types of malicious files. BitDefender has blocked 15 of them.

2. The second step check detection of threats based on signatures and preliminary, but automatic scanning of the file. Of the other 25 malware, Bitdefender after saving them to disk detected only 2.

3. From the point of view of the effectiveness of antivirus software, the third stage is the most important. Take part in it the most important proactive defense components: static analysis, dynamic and real-time emulation code. Of the remaining 23 threats, which have not been blocked in your browser, or detected by signatures, all have been running and neutralized by tested Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools.

Here are the results:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Level 1 15/40 24/40 34/40
Level 2 2/25 6/16 3/6
Level 3 23/23 10/10 3/3
A total of 100% of the 100% of the 100% of the

Test for anti-phishing

Identically treated with pages that target the victim access data banks, payment card numbers and logins and passwords for different sites. It is worth to note that the parties used in the test were not older than 24 hours-they appear as fast as they disappear. The average life of these pages is only a few hours.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Phishing 9/20 14/20 6/20

Performance test

On the virtual machine Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 with important updates on day 25 may 2015 and with installed programs Microsoft Office 2013, Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Java, Adobe Flash, the program Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools have undergone study, which tested the exact CPU usage and RAM by antivirus processes. The measurements reflect the actual use of resources by the anti-virus application processes for both RAM and CPU.

In idle mode, during a 10-minute test results was collected every one second. On average, the program to act need 2.133% processor time and ~ 158MB RAM.

During the 10-minute scan (full scan) processes on average consume 4.981% processor time and ~ 180 MB of RAM.

How to interpret the results

1. real time protection may seem insufficient, however, is quite the opposite. Sample, who participated in the test each day were "fresh" and no older than 24 hours, and a total of ¼ of them was not detectable by anti-virus until their run and detect malicious activity on the system. Despite that hash (not only the MD5 of the file, but also his "behavior") could not yet be defined in signatures, this test has proven that proactive protection Active Virus Control (AVC) stood at a height of sentences and ultimately notify you about Tester the potential harmful effect file.

Interactive response antivirus on the threat may be defined before the administrator in security policy in such a way that the program does not pestering employee communications.

2. protection against parties that target the data actually is not the best. However, on the other hand, the "life" of such sites is an average of a few hours, after which become unavailable (offline). These pages it is easy to identify, just basic knowledge of computer security.

3. The performance of the anti-virus application is completely acceptable. Program during the scan "tugging" processor, or does not use it excessively. Immediately after the installation is always worth it has scanned the entire disk resources, so that future time I checked files are not rescanned during normal pacy (technology compare).

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