ESET, along with Microsoft, Dell and Facebook, will fight for the safety of Internet users

For over 30 years, ESET has been a global provider of antivirus solutions that protect over 110 million users around the world, including 4 million in Poland. Now, this manufacturer, as part of the Cyber ​​Tech Accord agreement, has just joined the group of technology companies that aim to fight cybercrime together.

Cyber ​​Tech Accord is an agreement between over 40 major technology companies, including Facebook, Dell, VMWare, Cisco, Oracle, LinkedIna, Microsoft, Nokia, GitLab, BItdefender, F-Secure and Trend Micro. His main task is to join forces to improve the level of cyber security of their clients and users. Cyber ​​Tech Accord is supposed to oppose cyberattacks, help to strengthen cyber-defense in times when ransomware attacks on companies and large enterprises are on the agenda, and the world is connected with IoT devices.

We are glad that we have become a member of Cyber ​​Tech Accord. Joining the group of companies co-creating the agreement confirms our over 30 years of experience and commitment in the protection of users, data and devices. It is important that we can take joint actions that will stop cybercriminals from global attacks such as WannaCry.

- comments Juraj Malcho, CTO at ESET.

So far, the first two meetings of Cyber ​​Tech Accord members have been held. In the coming months, the participants of the agreement undertook to create partnerships with the industry, representatives of civil society and security researchers that are to improve mutual technological cooperation, help in detecting vulnerabilities and enable knowledge sharing in the field of cyber threats.

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