ESET buys a DESlock + cipher developer

ESET, a manufacturer of popular security solutions for companies and individual users, today announced the acquisition of DESlock +, known for its encryption applications. ESET plans to integrate the encryption program of the said manufacturer with its solutions. For the last two years, DESlock + solutions have been made available as part of the ESET Technology Alliance technology cooperation program.

The protection of data and privacy of users are treated more and more seriously both by companies and individual users. Even the European Union introduces regulations whose aim is to oblige companies and institutions to apply appropriate security measures, including encryption programs, to protect their clients' data.

- The research carried out by ESET among company representatives shows that two out of three companies surveyed recognize the need to extend the existing IT infrastructure protection with data encryption - says Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at ESET. - Previous cooperation with DESlock + within the ESET Technology Alliance brought very good results. We hope that our clients will be satisfied with the effects of the purchase of DESlock + - we plan to expand the possibilities of ESET solutions with effective encryption technology - adds Ignacio Sbampato.

The company DESlock +, acquired by ESET, is based in Taunton, UK and specializes in encryption solutions. DESlock + was the first partner of the ESET Technology Alliance technology program, which was initiated by ESET in December 2013.

The main goal of this undertaking was and still is to establish cooperation between manufacturers of solutions for securing IT infrastructure in order to offer ESET clients a set of products for comprehensive protection of the company network. After less than two years of cooperation under ESET Technology Alliance, ESET decided to buy DESlock + to integrate the company's solutions with its products and further develop them. As ESET stresses, the acquisition will not entail any changes in the team of employees of the acquired company.

DESlock + data encryption solutions are used for comprehensive protection of workstations of companies and individual users working on the basis of Windows. The program uses well-known AES, Triple DES and Blowfish encryption algorithms. DESlock + and gives you the ability to integrate with MS Outlook. DESlock + solutions can be managed through a browser thanks to a dedicated administration console.

The distributor of ESET ( ) and DESlock + ( ) solutions is DAGMA ( ).

source: ESET

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