Eset opens a new laboratory in Krakow

Krakow is famous not only for the Cloth Hall, St. Mary's Church and Wawel. In this historical capital of Poland, for almost a decade, experts from one of the popular antivirus companies detect and analyze computer and mobile threats, contributing to the protection of over 110 million users in the world, including 4 million in Poland alone. How does a threat analyst work look like every day and why is ESET opening a new laboratory in Krakow?

Eset , a Polish manufacturer of protective solutions for computers and mobile devices, opened its research and development office together with the antivirus laboratory in Krakow in July 2008. It was the first of twenty-two branches of this company in the world. The Krakow center was created for two purposes - to develop the ability to detect and eliminate threats through Eset's protective programs and to identify and investigate the behavior of computer and mobile threats.

Our systems can identify new threats by themselves, thanks to extensive heuristic mechanisms using machine learning methods. Threat analysts work on more complex cases using dedicated tools (virtualized environments for software analysis). In exceptionally difficult cases, the risk is verified by the analyst "manually" using the so-called special software. debugger in a separate environment, using the so-called reverse engineering - describes Kamil Sadkowski.

In addition to the threat analysis, the Krakow office of Eset also develops the functionality of protective programs, used among others by Google.

Last year, we completed two projects that are unique to the entire IT security industry. One of them was the creation of a special anti-virus scanner built into Chrome (Chrome Cleanup), which detects and removes unwanted software, such as displaying ads in the browser or changing search results. The second important project was the creation of UEFI scanner, which allows reading UEFI (the BIOS successor) and then analyzing it with the use of heuristics, which can be compared to artificial intelligence, thanks to which it is possible to detect new, previously unknown threats - explains Marcin Gajewski from Eset.

Eset opens a new laboratory in Krakow

Eset opens a new laboratory in Krakow

Eset chose Poland because of the excellent reputation of Polish IT experts in the world. For almost 10 years, the number of employees of the Krakow office of ESET has been constantly growing, therefore it was necessary to change the location of this center twice in this time. The first removal took place in 2009, while the second took place in March this year, to the new headquarters at 9 Jasnogórska St. The continuous development of the center required a completely new space where employees can continue to develop ESET's products and services.

We currently employ over 70 specialists and experts from the IT security industry on nearly 2,000 square meters of the new office. Ultimately, we plan to expand the staff with developers, software engineers, efficiency specialists of our products and threat analysts who, like everyone in our company, will do everything to always be one step ahead of cybercriminals. We are looking for young, open people who speak English fluently and want to build a safe virtual world with us - explains Łukasz Wojdała, President of the Management Board of Eset Polska.

Eset opens a new laboratory in Krakow - speech of the CEO

The Polish research center recruits employees throughout the year. According to Richard Marko, CEO of the Eset company, the Krakow center gives not only work, but also guarantees the development of Polish talented programmers. In this way, employees can have a real impact on the protection of over 110 million users around the world, including 4 million in Poland alone.


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