ESET Parental Control - a new application for parental control for mobile devices

ESET has released the beta version of the new ESET Parental Control application for Android devices. It is a tool for parents whose children already use smartphones and tablets connected to the network. The application allows parents to control the child's activity on the Internet, block access to selected applications, or indicate where the child is at the moment.

Many children use mobile devices connected to the Internet. There is no current research for the Polish market, but according to Ofcom Report on Internet Safety Measures from January 2015, in the United Kingdom, in the group of children aged 5-15, almost 35 percent have their own tablet. In 2013, this percentage was 19 percent. Currently, one fifth of children aged 8-11 have their own smartphone, and in the case of children in 12-15 years this percentage is as high as 65 percent.

The ESET Parental Control application for Android allows parents to protect their child while using mobile devices. The tool protects, e.g. by phishing, that is, extorting confidential and private data. It also protects against viruses or other threats on the network. According to the rules set by the parent, it also blocks access to, for example, paid or unsuitable for children age applications. It has a user-friendly interface that allows parents to manage security rules in a convenient and simple way.

ESET Parental Control functionalities:

  • Application access control : allows you to block selected applications or, after entering the age of a child, ESET by default blocks applications depending on its age.
  • Time management in which the child uses the Internet and applications : allows parents to limit the time their child spends playing games, using the application and surfing the Internet, even if the child is away.
  • Website access control : blocks access to websites according to categories given by the parent or according to the age of the child.
  • The locator of the protected device : allows parents to check the current location of the child (provided that he has a device protected with the program).
  • Reports : the parent after entering the parent panel or after logging in, can see the child's daily activity - what pages he displayed, what applications he used and how much time he spent on a particular activity.
  • Message from the parent : ESET allows the parent to send a message to the child, which will then appear on the screen of his device. The child can not do anything if he does not contact his parent.

To take part in the beta testing of ESET Parental Control, just visit the website and download the program: .

source: ESET

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