ESET will protect Smart TV with the ESET Smart TV Security antivirus application

The times of traditional television are over. Connecting TV sets to the Internet has revolutionized the reception and use. Thanks to new features, users can not only watch their favorite programs, now also in the VOD option, but also browse websites and use various applications. Connecting the TVs to the network, unfortunately, also caused them to attack cyber threats. Although the number of such attacks is still small, the cybercriminals have already noticed the potential of "smart TV" and will certainly try to use it for their own purposes. That's why the anti-virus came out dedicated to smart Android TVs - ESET Smart TV Security.

ESET Smart TV Security is an application created by ESET, providing antivirus protection to over 110 million private users and companies around the world, including 4 million Poles. The new product was created as a result of the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, i.e. devices connected to the network. According to statistics, by 2020 there will be over 30 billion of such devices worldwide. A large part of them will be smart TVs. According to experts, such TVs can be infected with malware, whether it is stealing login credentials from browsers, or completely blocking access to the TV, demanding for its ransom unlock (so-called ransomware threats), and even to spy on its owners ( which has already happened ) . Cybercriminals can also attach such TVs to the network of zombie machines and carry out DDoS attacks with them.

ESET Smart TV Security application menu

Effective antivirus protection Smart TV with ESET Smart TV Security

The new ESET Smart TV Security antivirus application is available in the so-called the freemium model. This means that the user can use some of its functions for free. They include up-to-date virus signature updates, so the product provides effective real-time protection against threats by scanning each application installed on the TV. In addition, ESET Smart TV Security, by means of the ransomware protection function, protects the TV from viruses that block access to the device by displaying a ransom demand for its unlocking. If the ESET application finds a threat, it will display an appropriate message and immediately dispose of it. The free application functions also include the ability to scan USB media attached to the device, thus guaranteeing protection against installing viruses on an external medium. The premium package of the premium features of ESET Smart TV Security includes the anti-phishing protection of the embedded web browser. The premium function is also the scanning schedule, which allows you to scan the TV for example in the middle of the night.

The ESET Smart TV Security solution protects TVs with Android TV system from malware, as well as some game consoles, such as Nvidia Shield or Razers Forge. The application can be downloaded only from the dedicated Google Play store available on TV sets from Android TV. The premium features of the product can be tested for 30 days. The manufacturer enables the purchase of an application either with an annual license or with payments on a monthly basis.

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