Everything you always wanted to know about Darknecie according to the company Sophos

Recently, the Polish media were very on topic of the British models uprowadzonej by the pole. After capturing the man confessed to being a member of the criminal group operating in the Darknecie, whose intention was to sell the girls on the black market. This situation gave birth to a lot of questions about it, how does the Administration, which has a range of and whether it is a paradise for cyber criminals. All these questions corresponds to Sebastian Zamora, Channel Executive company Sophos, a world leader in network security.

Darknet, or deepweb is a network of hidden for popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The site in the "hidden Web" – anonymous websites, stores, forums, portals, domain extension., which provides viewers potentially greater anonymity. Browser for visiting do not work as known to all Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Are directories pages with the onion. However, the search is possible only among those addresses that are manually added by the author of the search engine. This works like a Web address forwarding between the Internet users in the late 90 's.

It is difficult to determine how big a darknet network, because anyone who wants to promote its development could run a proxy network. Some experts estimate, however, that "hidden page" can be up to 96% of its content. It is not true that all these pages are illegal – a significant part thereof contains a perfectly normal content, from blogs with categories beauty, after a secret fan clubs ponies Pony. By going to darknetu note that this is not fun, and you can come into contact with dangerous criminals.

How do I get to darknetu?

The entrance to the darknetu is not as hard as usual, show it's the media. To view the content, you must not have advanced knowledge of IT nor professional equipment-must download only the desired Web browser such as IE. The track and install it like any other program on your computer.

The track is actually a modified version of Firefox, however, hide IP address, browsing through the prevention of analyzing network traffic. Tor uses a multi-layer encryption, which ensures confidentiality of data transfer between the routers.

What you can buy in the darknecie?

Users of darknetu trade virtually all that we are able to imagine-even those which are discounted hardware Samsung by imitations of luxury goods and illegal software licenses drugs, weapons and violent pornography. Popular rumors say also, that darknecie leads to trafficking and murder are available, however, it is difficult to treat them seriously due to lack of evidence.

Very many deals in darknecie is fraud. Criminals have a huge playing field, because, by one person, rather, does not report to the police that she had been robbed by the seller of the illegal goods. Due to the low detection rate and the difficulty of catching rogue traders, shopping in darknecie are highly unprofitable.

Darknecie activity is profitable? How often someone is caught?

To use the Tor network or establishment of an anonymous website with the onion, not even with one highly competent hacker. Founded the site but can quickly become a focus of both criminals and law enforcement authorities. If it is acquired by the former, it is likely that the owner will lose everything so far, he has managed to achieve. However, if you acquired by the institutions of the law, it may be that the darknet is not as anonymous as you might think, and the owner of the site can be easily identified and if you are doing something illegal is stopped.

Anonymous darknetu makes many criminals treats it as an obvious source of earning. They feel the unpunished, not taking into account that the activity of darknetu is observed by all the major intelligence services in the world, with the FBI and Interpol. In the year 2012, thanks to activity in darknecie organization Terre de Hommes, fighting for human rights, has managed to capture 1000 pedophiles. For this purpose, uses technologically advanced CGI animation 10-year-old girl, which encourage pedophiles to contact allowing their identification.

Many, especially the beginners users of darknetu, is zachłyśnięta unlimited possibilities, afforded by the anonymity. This ceases to be a careful and reasonable and begins to test the bounds of the law, or even try things illegal. And so it was in the case of 16-year-old teen from Manchester, who tried to acquire large amounts of strong poison, with the help of which, as claimed by his lawyer, wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately, the seller turned out to be monitoring the illegal shop police officer who tracked down the boy and led to his arrest.

Also experienced users have darknetu but sometimes nierozważnością. Often we hear stories about how criminals take advantage of that users apply the same passwords in different places and do not use the two-step authentication accounts. In July, however, the roles are reversed, and Dutch police detained criminal activity more than a dozen suspicious sellers in darknecie, thanks to reuse their old passwords.

Please also note that in the darknecie competition is huge, and other users may want to harm another provides up-to-date information about programs on the market vendors. You can do this by breaking on his account, making its data or just send me all kinds of malware. The criminals hiding in darknecie, lie in wait, however, also for ordinary users, in order to steal their bank account numbers, logins for different portals, as well as to spread a wide range of viruses through strategies such as m.in. phishing.

Positive side darknetu

Darknet, by many referred to as a Habitat of a crime and a paradise for criminals involved in the trade in arms, drugs and human beings, however, has its second face. Is an alternative for all Internet users cannot explicitly give their views, or those who do not have access to reliable information by censorship imposed by the totalitarian regime of the country in which they live. With browsers such as Tor can relatively safely navigate through the network, to communicate with people outside your country, earn non-propaganda or critical comment about the regime.

As you navigate through darknecie?

If the presented threats you decide to visit the site darknetu, you have to show extreme caution. Tor hides your IP address, but cannot stop you from sharing information that should not be accessible to the general public. If you prove to neglect, you can easily fall victim to criminals, be deceived or identify.

A good practice before you start browsing the Web using Tor, to read the FAQ's, especially the section "Does Track the remove personal information from the date my application sends?". It is also important to take care of your safety against potential malware and ransomware, which you can find on the site. the onion. To do this, update your antivirus program and check the version of your software.

It did, however, read the manual and you will begin to use the track and whether your impact on your security ... depends only on you.

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