Experiment of three companies with Security IT has shown how easy it can be to fall victim to hackers

Experiment carried out in London showed how easy it is to steal the person using public Wi-Fi network. F-Secure, security and privacy, has teamed up with Mandalorian Security Services, an expert in penetration testing, as well as with the Cyber Security Research Institute to carry out a test that was to breaking to devices belonging to the three politicians.

Politicians, elected with the most powerful forces of British policy, is a member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, David Davis, a Member of the European Parliament, Mary Honeyball, as well as Lord Strasburger. The tests were carried out with the consent of the politicians, who acknowledged that, despite the exercise of important offices in the various organs of power, not crossed never official training and have not received guidance about the ease with which you can compromise computers operating in public Wi-Fi networks – and it is a service, which all three regularly uses.

Mr Davis as follows commented on the fact of burglary to your e-mail:

Speaking honestly, it's terrifying. You mentioned a very difficult password, more difficult than those used by most people. Certainly this was not the ' password '. Worse, the password would be broken regardless of how it was strong.

Public Wi-Fi networks are dangerous by its nature – the user names and passwords are submitted open text on the side of the Wi-Fi hotspot, so hackers can easily steal.

To emphasize how great the risk therefore, ethical hackers from the Mandalorian prepared email and saved it in the working folder, intended for dispatch to the national press. A message to announce the decision to the Member about going to of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). Hackers broke into the PayPal account parliamentarian because login data were the same as in the case of Gmail, which is a common practice.

In the case of Lord schooling was at Heidelberg hackers intercepted and recorded a VoIP conversation, which he moved from his hotel room. They used to do this technology that is not only available on the Internet, but also very simple to master. Strasburger said:

It's very disturbing. These are extremely powerful tools. What worries me the idea that amateur may accede to such activities in just a few hours. In my opinion, this shows that people who use technology should know about it and much more. This is important because in the end everyone has to take care of your matter – nobody will do for us.

Mary Honeyball, MEP, zasiadająca in the Commission responsible for the campaign "we love Wi-Fi", looked through the Internet from cafés, where the worker Mandalorian sent her a message, seemingly from Facebook. The message encouraged to log in to the account that you logged out due to inactivity. In this way, Mary Honeyball unwittingly sent the hacker login data, which gained access to her Facebook account.

And using the Tablet, which has received only a few days earlier from the EP officials responsible for technology, was particularly concerned that it has not received appropriate guidance on security.

I believe that something must be done, because we all live in the belief that we are secure passwords. I always thought that as work password. I'm surprised and shocked , "said Honeyball.

Each of these burglaries shows not only how to use simple methods hackers can circumvent the security of access to the services using your password, but also as private data can be used to further attacks.

Most people find that the information about which sports teams support, is for hacker useless , "said Steve Lord, Director of the Mandalorian. But a hacker who has such knowledge, can prepare a personalized email focused on stealing data, knowing that it is more likely that it will be open. As soon as you click on the link in this e-mail or open an attachment, we are gripped by-hackers install on our devices, malicious software, with which they steal all the information. What's more, they will have access not only to our private data, but also, if using the same equipment we connect to the corporate network.

Sean Sullivan, the Police Advisor to the EUSR. F-Secure security, has the following tips for people using public Wi-Fi networks:

We should not be afraid to use public Wi-Fi networks-is a fantastic service. However, it should be understood that this involves risk, and we ourselves are responsible to take care of your safety. To do this, you must use software type of Virtual Private Network (VPN). In the case of phones and tablets, are available the correct applications. Our software Freedome VPN encrypts all data sent from the device to the network, so that the hacker will not be able to steal anything.  Simply enable an application to gain the best possible protection, providing security in public Wi-Fi network. This allows users to focus on what they do, and not on the martwieniu to possible attacks.

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