Exploits 0-day with a monthly subscription of $ 21,000

Shadow Brokers, a hacker group known for publishing NSA tools, including 0-day exploits on vulnerabilities in network firewalls, antivirus products and Microsoft products, has published an offer containing a 0-day exploit and hacker tool subscription for about $ 21,000 per month. It is worth recalling that this group is responsible for revealing the EternalBlue exploit that was used in the infamous WannaCry malware.

How to become a member of the "Wine of Month Club" and receive monthly packages from June? It is necessary to pay "only" 100 ZEC (zcash - cryptocurrency to guarantee greater anonymity in comparison to bitcoin), which in exchange for dollars gives over 21,000 "green". Of course, it is also necessary to provide an email address. The delivery of the order is to take place between the first and seventeenth of July in the form of a link and a unique password for each subscriber.

According to Shadow Brokers, the offer is targeted mainly at equipment manufacturers, security companies and even governments. The June package includes exploits for operating systems, including Windows 10, browsers, routers and even services related to the SWIFT banking code. The client will also receive stolen data from North Korea, Russia, China and Iran missile programs. These assurances can not be verified until they see the light of day, but taking into account Shadow Brokers' previous achievements related to the disclosure of the backdoors of the American Security Agency, one should expect "interesting" effects of their further work.

Is it worth it?

Looking from the perspective of recent leakages and their global effects, the purchase of the offered package can have logical and financial justification for companies and institutions. Spending on the order of $ 21,000 allowing for the protection of products and equipment in advance is negligible in view of the potential costs of repairing the effects of attacks.

Several "samples" of exploits have been made available on the github site .

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