F-Secure from antivirus changes into a provider of cybersecurity services and solutions

Continuing the transformation of the strategy , F-Secure has decided to focus its activities on medium-sized enterprises, which will help in the further development of the business. The global provider of cyber security services decided to reorganize the management team and create new positions for this purpose.

F-Secure has begun the transformation from a traditional antivirus manufacturer into a provider of comprehensive cyber security solutions in 2015. Since then, it has taken over consulting companies and has extended its range of products and services with solutions for detecting and reacting to cyber threats. F-Secure continues to transform, focusing on serving medium-sized companies through a growing network of channel partners.

Our growth strategy includes offering medium-sized enterprises and selected sectors services in the field of detection and elimination of threats at an early stage, as well as advising on security issues and risk management. We are already developing at a faster pace than the market, and changes in the organizational structure will help us implement the strategy so that we can better serve our clients - says Samu Konttinen, CEO of F-Secure .

F-Secure is becoming the provider of cyber security services

The changes assume merging two existing business sections (B2B) and simplifying the organizational structure. Consumer Section (B2C) will continue to be a separate business unit.

Juha Kivikoski will join the F-Secure team on March 1, 2018. Juha is a professional veteran who previously served as managing director at Dusting Finland, as well as vice president of sales at McAfee / Intel Security and chief operating director at Stonesoft. He also included managerial positions in large technology companies such as Siemens and Cisco Systems.

In the cyber security industry, knowledge and experience constitute credibility. Our advantage is based on 30 years of experience and unique combination of the best industry and technology experts such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and Big Data analysis. The change of strategy will allow us to grow faster and more efficiently in 2018 and the next ones - concludes Konttinen.

The new structure will consist of:

  • corporate sales and distribution department (Enterprise & Channel Sales) under the leadership of Juha Kivikoski;
  • the Cyber ​​Security Products & Services division of products and services under the leadership of Jyrki Tulokas;
  • marketing and communication department (Marketing & Communications) under the leadership of Jyrki Rosenberg;
  • the research and security technology department (Security Research & Technologies) under the direction of Mika Ståhlberg;
  • information and business services (Information & Business Services) under Jari Still;
  • strategy and Corporate Development department under the temporary management of Samu Konttinen;
  • HR and office services (HR & Office Services) under the direction of Mari Heusali;
  • Financial and support services (Finance & Supporting Services) under the direction of Eriikka Söderström and;
  • Consumer Cyber ​​Security Business Unit under the direction of Kristian Järnefelt.

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