F-Secure Booster - a tool for optimizing computers and mobile devices with automatic software update

Computers, smartphones and tablets can give users many worries. Battery life, slow operation and time-consuming treatments related to maintaining the equipment in the right condition prompt you to think about the replacement of devices earlier. Of course, this is expensive, so F-Secure helps frustrated consumers with the F-Secure Booster solution . It is a free application that helps users optimize the operation of new and older devices, thanks to which they work more efficiently, faster and longer.

F-Secure Booster repairs damage and removes junk files that accumulate on computers and mobile devices during daily activities. Many of these problems are too small to be immediately noticed by users, but over time they build up and slow down the hardware.

Although computers and telephones are called smart devices, they are not able to perform most of the necessary actions that will allow them to work in a long-term perspective - says Antero Norkia , director of the Equipment Safety Department at F-Secure. Our equipment is designed to work better than before and offer more power and function than you need to work for a limited time. But when users see that he's slowed down and does not work as efficiently as before, they start thinking about replacing it. In reality, however, they only require delicate tuning to act like new ones.

Gartner predicts that in 2015, manufacturers will provide 2.5 billion computers, mobile phones, tablets and similar devices. That's 2.8 percent. more than last year. What's more, he predicts that device prices will grow as producers will protect their profits, making equipment change more expensive than in the past.

F-Secure Booster helps to avoid these unnecessary, costly changes by finding and fixing errors that have appeared on computers during operation. It deals with difficult and time-consuming maintenance, i.e. removing unused files created for temporary use only, updating drivers and software, and optimizing processes that negatively affect the battery life of laptops and smartphones. Booster also manages unwanted programs that are pre-installed on new devices. They are ineffective and consume a lot of resources, such as memory, energy and disk space. Of course, they also have a negative impact on performance.

F-Secure Booster also affects the security of devices. The vast majority of cyberattacks exploit vulnerabilities in outdated or non-updated software, because criminals know that providing the latest patches for applications is a very labor-intensive task. Booster solves this problem by automatically downloading and installing patches, and combined with other F-Secure solutions, it provides comprehensive protection that is not only effective, but also easy to use. - says Samu Konttinen , vice president of F-Secure consumer safety.

F-Secure Booster currently supports PCs with Windows and Android mobile devices. It is available in the free and paid version, the premium version is equipped with advanced features such as, among others automation of software updates. A version for computers is available on the F-Secure website , while on Android - on the Google Play store.

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