F-Secure enhances the DeepGuard module by updating protection against ransomware

In the past few years, hackers who have been spreading ransomware have been able to extort billions of dollars. According to a recent survey by CyberEdge, only half of the people who paid off the ransom succeeded in recovering the blocked files. In order to better protect home users' data, F-Secure has improved the DeepGuard technology that operates as part of the SAFE security suite for PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

DeepGuard technology in the F-Secure SAFE package is a type of behavioral security that monitors selected folders for suspicious behavior similar to ransomware. If a risk is detected, a dangerous process is automatically blocked and users receive a warning about a potential threat.

F-Secure DeepGuard

The DeepGuard function verifies application security based on information from a trusted external service. In the event that the application security can not be verified, the DeepGuard function starts monitoring its operation. DeepGuard is able to detect new Trojan horses, worms, software vulnerabilities and other malicious applications that try to make changes on your computer, as well as prevent suspicious applications from accessing the Internet.

Potential harmful changes in the system that are detected by DeepGuard technology include:

  • changing system settings (Windows registry);
  • attempts to disable important system programs, such as security programs;
  • trying to edit important system files.

DeepGuard identifies attacks based on suspicious symptoms and counteracts so-called exploits that use errors in the software to then allow you to perform a cyber attack. The technology not only protects against extortions within ransomware, but also blocks applications that could replace, rename or delete important files

Ransomware is still a powerful tool in the hands of cybercriminals. Recently, gold rush has been somewhat less intense by fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, but hackers are already concentrating on new methods of extorting money, such as cryptojacking. Cyberattacks using ransomware will be directed towards home users as soon as it becomes profitable again. It's the best time to protect yourself properly.

- says Sean Sullivan, security advisor at F-Secure.

In addition to regularly backing up as part of preventive actions, a robust security solution plays a key role in protecting against malicious attachments in emails or cybercriminals' use of software vulnerabilities.

The SAFE package, in addition to DeepGuard features, includes anti-virus, browsing protection, device localization and family rules that help protect children on the Internet.

Price and availability of F-Secure anti-viruses

SAFE software is available in a free 30-day trial version - the price of an annual subscription for 3 devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) is 139 PLN.

The SAFE software is also available as part of the F-Secure TOTAL package, which also provides privacy protection thanks to the VPN solution. It is possible to take advantage of a free 30-day trial version, and the price of an annual subscription for 3 devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) is 349 PLN.

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