F-Secure PSB - a new version of the package for securing end devices in companies

F-Secure presents a new version of Protection Service for Business - the flagship package for securing end devices. PSB offers improved behavioral protection technology for Windows and Mac computers in companies. According to the Allianz 2017 Risk Barometer report, entrepreneurs perceive cybersecurity incidents as the third largest threat to their operations. Concerns are justified because new types of malware are detected each day. This also applies to users of Apple solutions - in the first half of 2017, more malware was detected targeting Mac computers than in the whole of 2016. In addition, 60% was spyware, followed by banking Trojans (20%) and ransomware software (15%). One-third of the detected software has been used in the so-called targeted attacks on companies.

Enterprises have enough IT-related problems even without cyber threats. Too large security investments can slow down productivity and absorb resources, but negligence will cost even more - especially if all computers are blocked by ransomware and need to be explained to your investor, boss or clients. The most important thing is to find the golden mean between the constant development of the business and the need to protect against the growing number of attacks - says Sean Sullivan, cyber security expert at F-Secure.

PSB uses technology that has won the AV-TEST Best Protection award five times over the last six years.

Protection Service for Business is a security solution that works in the cloud and is easy to implement, and at the same time extensive enough to provide companies with the necessary protection.

The new version of Protection Service for Business is the first solution that has been integrated with the F-Secure XFENCE technology designed to protect Mac computers. The company initially released XFENCE as a beta tool for advanced users in April, and now has combined the functions of XFENCE with the Computer Protection for Macs component of the Protection Service for Business. F-Secure XFENCE at the user's request blocks processes and applications from accessing files, data and even microphones, keyboards and webcams. It works like a firewall for files that, for example, prevent malicious ransomware from encrypting files on an infected device.

The main changes introduced in the Protection Service for Business package are:

  • A new version of F-Secure's DeepGuard behavioral detection for Windows, which uses more of the artificial intelligence to make decisions about malicious files and processes without the need for user intervention;
  • Improved firewall that ensures compatibility with third-party applications and devices, and offers an expert set of F-Secure rules to help fight threats associated with spontaneous spread of malicious software;
  • Easy management of profiles that makes IT administrators easier to plan scans, group profiles, and filter products.
  • A new Device Control feature that prevents the use of unauthorized devices, such as USB sticks, external hard drives or webcams.

The F-Secure Protection Service for Business solution is available through an authorized distributor network .

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