F5 Networks chooses Poland and creates its Security Center - Technical Center Warsaw

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more frequent and more dangerous. In a minute, you can see from thousands, up to even a million attempts to get information, block your company or break in on your account in a minute.

We meet countless types of attacks. One of them is the attack on servers. In this case, the website is bombarded with a huge number of connections to the server that are supposed to block it. In this situation, we redirect the attack and clean the application. In this way, the user can still use, for example, a banking application - says Edward Julian Eames, Executive Vice President of Business Operations at F5 Networks - for other types of malware attacks and Trojans that may appear, for example, on laptops.

The Technical Center Warsaw will help in the fight against such threats. This is a new workplace for qualified IT specialists. The investment will cover three key areas: technical support department, Product Development department and F5 Security Center (Security Operations Center - SOC), providing security services and monitoring of threats in real time. It will be one of the few such places both in Poland and in Europe.

Technical Center Warsaw has been divided into three parts. The first will deal with the development of products. Will be involved in the production of software, its testing and preparation of documentation. It will prepare a product that can be shown to the customer. The next part is the security service. On-site teams will react and solve problems, they will deal with the elimination of attacks. The last part is to support banks in performing cash transfers so that they can be carried out quickly and safely.

Both the Technical Support Department and the Security Center have begun operating in test mode a few months ago. The project will be partially financed from the government subsidy and has been classified by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) as a research and development activity. The subsidy highlights the potential of the project and its positive impact on the local labor market.

Technical Center Warsaw is the second location in the world (next to the United States) for the F5 Networks Security Center.

About F5 Network

48 of the 50 largest companies in the Fortune 50 ranking use solutions from F5 - the world leader in providing application availability. The F5 company provides advanced security technologies that are used by the world's largest enterprises, including banks, mobile telephony operators and public organizations. F5 solutions provide comprehensive protection against network attacks, while ensuring full availability of applications dedicated to clients and company employees.

Statement: Edward Julian Eames, Executive Vice President - Business Operations at F5 Networks.

Source: Newsrm.TV

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