Facebook warns against spies

Facebook in its note alerts users who are under government supervision and can be infected with dangerous malware.

"Beginning today, we will notify you if we notice that your account is being targeted or threatened by someone suspected of working for the government," said Alex Stamos, Chief Security Officer Facebook.

If Facebook has "suspicions" about the user being targeted by spies and their malware, he will send the following message:

" Protect your account

We think that your Facebook account and other Internet accounts may become targets of attacks from government-sponsored entities. Enabling the secure login option will prevent someone else logging into your account. Whenever you log in to your Facebook account on a new device or from a new browser, we will send you a security code on your phone, thanks to which only you can log in. We also recommend taking steps to protect your other accounts. "

I do not think anyone wants to see this notification. Facebook claims that it is not a confirmation that he was attacked in this way. However, at the same time, he did not inform how he came to the fact that users can become the target of spies. Probably combined various events, such as successive unsuccessful login attempts, regular government requests for data sharing and suspicious phishing campaigns. However, this does not mean that the portal directly indicates specific governments.

Facebook users can be targeted, because their accounts contain a lot of private data, and the portal itself links to the profiles of thousands of people suspected of terrorism or criminals.

The portal itself recommends using additional account security. This option enables two-factor logging, during logging in the user must enter an additional security code, which he will receive on the phone every time he or she logs on from a new computer, phone or browser.

How to enable the additional account protection feature on Facebook?

  • Go to settings / security settings
  • Check the option Logging in
  • Select the checkbox and click save changes.

"We hope that the warning will help you protect your account and we will continue to work on our ability to prevent and detect any kind of attacks on users of our portal" - sums up a note prepared by Facebook.

source: Bitdefender, Facebook

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