Fake SMS: "Blood B-Rh needed. Contact Marzena Czyz"

Certainly our regular readers know how to deal with similar scams - or rather, how not to cope, because it is best to ignore this category of scam chains. If you received similar information, just ignore it and inform about your friends' fraud. Unprotected persons can certainly be fooled and consequently subscribe to premium SMS subscription:

Original content of SMS messages:

Please send me a message, as many people as possible! Blood is needed for a child with BRH, a very rare blood group. Contact: Marzena Czyz 515 250 700. VERY URGENT!

The SMS message reaches a randomly selected user. You probably wonder how the fraudster came to owning phone numbers? There are several ways to do this and you can use it for this:

  • scripts available for free on the GitHub website to collect phone numbers from websites and forums;
  • databases with phone numbers that come from hacked websites and are available on the Tor network;
  • Internet search engines;

It is highly immoral to make money on human life and harm, therefore, the cheater wholeheartedly wishes bad news and chronic illness. On the other hand, we make readers feel that in similar cases they carefully check the credibility of similar information. Internet, friends, social networks and portals specializing in cybersecurity are the most effective and fastest ways to reveal the cheater's evil intentions. And most importantly - if it is not ultimately necessary, do not give your phone numbers on the internet.

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