Fight David with Goliath temporarily suspended, Microsoft shall be free from all pressures antivirus companies

In his interview with Reuters Yevgeny Kaspersky, founder of the most recognizable companies in the world in the sector cybersecurity said he temporarily gives up of antitrust complaints to the international institution of Justice on Microsoft that its aggressive policy update forced users to use Windows Defender and but on the occasion of the odinstalowywała other antivirus software that was not compatible with Windows 10.

Recall that in November 2016 year on its official blog Yevgeny Kaspersky has accused Microsoft of abusing its dominant position as the leading provider of operating systems, and use your own product (Windows Defender) as the preferred solution for the latest Windows 10. Kaspersky Lab ceo wrote that because of the automatic removal of third-party antivirus software during the upgrade to Windows 10, users are exposed to a number of dangers. Microsoft's behavior as unacceptable. Also pointed out that Microsoft does not care much about other suppliers of protective solutions without giving them enough time to adapt the product under the requirements of the Windows operating system 10, so that he could win over many customers without their express consent.

So it looks like that axe between the antivirus industry (not just Kaspersky Lab assert claim to this piece of the pie which is the Windows 10) and the Russian company temporarily will be buried. It is not known, however, for how long.

Yevgeny Kaspersky, in such a way as he explained his decision:

"They are listening to us and they made a few changes. It's an ongoing process. Of course if Microsoft agrees to all our requests we will not file it. "

Chrome drains battery of your laptop. Really? Source:

the incompatible software ... source:

before installing Windows 10 update antivirus, or it will be removed from your computer without your explicit consent.  

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