Files decryption

In recent years we have observed a large increase in attacks involving malicious software related to crypto-ransomware family. Many emails were sent to our editorial inbox per week asking for files decryption.

We cannot restore files from your back-ups, we cannot recover data after a hardware failure, but we can try to decrypt your files, which at first glance have been lost irrevocably. If you don’t find free descriptors on the Internet, please contact us. The valuation is free of charge.

Files decryption instruction:

1. Make sure you back up your encrypted files.

2. Send us several files with different real extensions and the instructions that ransomware leaves: a TXT or HTML file with the ransom request and screenshots that will help us to determine a particular variant of ransomware (and there are over 500).

3. We will try to decrypt the files using methods that are not publicly available. The verification process can take up to 48 hours.

4. If the decryption of files is possible, we will set the data delivery method (FTP, cloud drive, other).

Prices are set individually. Contact us.