Firefox already supports Native U2F protocol, used by Yubikey keys

The management of Mozilla finally decided to enable native support for the U2F protocol (Universal 2nd Factor), which allows secure access to any number of internet services from one device, immediately and without installing drivers or software, using strong two-factor authentication (2FA) using a pair keys with very strong RSA 4096 encryption.

The U2F protocol was created by Google and Yubico - the manufacturer of hardware keys - probably the most effective solution to prevent phishing attacks, unauthorized takeovers of online accounts and login credentials. The solution has been successfully implemented on a large scale, eg by the UK government, Turkey, Canoncial, numerous banks, and even the US Department of Defense. This method of authentication guarantees one of the safest ways to log in to websites, servers, password managers, home and production systems, and much more.

Until now, to enjoy the benefits of cryptography for Yubikey keys , it was necessary to install the add-on for Firefox, which was written by Paweł Chmielowski. It was not a perfect solution because it required additional configuration in advanced browser settings (about: config). Now Firefox, in the development version of Nightly (57.0) officially supports the U2F protocol. We can expect that soon the functionality will go to a stable version of the Firefox browser.

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