FortiGate-30E in a small company: how to effectively protect yourself against attacks?

When information about hacker attacks appears in the media, state institutions and large corporations are often mentioned as their goals. However, no network user can really feel safe. Viruses hidden in spam and on suspicious websites and ransomware attacks, such as Wannacry , NotPetya or Bad Rabbit , can affect anyone and cause serious harm.

In the case of home users, the very use of an antivirus program and above all the maintenance of common sense allows to achieve the basic level of protection. The situation is complicated for enterprises that should prioritize the security of their IT systems. Loss of important data, customer base or information about orders translates directly into losses - both financial and image. In addition, there is also a legally regulated need to protect personal data.

We made the decision to secure the network due to the susceptibility to attacks by systems of key importance to the operation of the online store. A ransomware attack on the main server could cause irreversible losses, including the paralysis of the entire company for many days. In addition, the lack of control over devices appearing on the network would seriously jeopardize the resources available to it.

We do not have a dedicated administrator, and these systems allow protection of the network even by a user without specialized knowledge. In addition, FortiGate offers comprehensive protection against ransomware threats - says Adam Gańczarczyk, co-owner of an online store dealing in the sale of children's products.

How can small companies that can not afford expensive and complicated solutions be able to fight with cyber threats?

To protect small environments, you can use the UTM device (Unified Threat Management) from the Fortiet FortiGate series, a multi-purpose firewall. From year to year, such solutions are becoming more and more popular. According to data from International Data Corporation in the previous year, their market value worldwide was 5.7 billion dollars, 17.3% more than in 2015.

The appearance of UTMs, such as FortiGate-30E, resemble classic routers and can also replace them.

The most important advantage of UTM solutions is to provide a set of functions that guarantee full security of the local network and all computers connected to it. Firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), anti-virus protection, web content control, anti-spam and anti-spyware protect against unauthorized access, data theft and malware. They also enable traffic verification and control of visited websites. Obtaining similar effects using standard solutions would require the purchase, installation and maintenance of several programs and devices. This involves not only the need to devote more time, but also possible problems with the compatibility of individual elements.

The basic FortiGate-30E model offers a firewall bandwidth of up to 950 Mbps and supports up to 50 users. Extensive functions, compact dimensions and a set of connectors make the device meet all the requirements of small businesses. An important factor to pay attention to is simple service. FortiOS software allows quick configuration in a few simple steps. Using it does not require specialized skills.

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