FortiGate 6300F and FortiGate 6500F are new firewalls with over 100 Gbps throughput

Fortinet presented the next-generation hardware firewalls from the FortiGate 6000F series with a throughput exceeding 100 Gb / s. The latest NGFW series from Fortinet, FortiGate 6300F and FortiGate 6500F has been equipped with a new hardware architecture. It consists in the connection of separate multiprocessor cards, which on the one hand preserves the advantages typical of modular devices (high resilience, session scalability), and on the other - provides advanced security features at a speed previously unavailable for compact devices.

FortiGate 6300F and FortiGate 6500F

It is also worth noting the other advantage of this architecture: balancing the hardware load with the new DP3 processors. Their main function is to intelligently distribute tasks on different processor cards. Each card is equipped with many 12-core processors as well as security processors (SPUs), content (CP9) and networks (NP6). The FortiGate 6000F series can support up to ten such separate processor cards in a 3U device.

FortiGate 6300F and FortiGate 6500F comparison table

FortiGate 6300F and FortiGate 6500F

The new "F" range offered by Fortinet includes two devices: FortiGate 6300F and FortiGate6500F. They are the industry's fastest hardware firewalls that support 10G, 40G, 100G bandwidth and a new 25G speed. The devices form the foundation of the Fortinet Security Fabric platform and use the FortiOS system.

FortiGate 6000F series devices can be used, among others on the edge of the corporate network, where the priority is protection against threats and inspection of encrypted traffic.

To find out more about the FortiGate 6500F and 6300F, just visit this page . Firewalls from the FortiGate 6000F series will be available before the end of the first quarter of 2018.

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