FortiGuard Labs in cooperation with Exodus Intelligence will fight the zero day threats

Fortinet joins forces with Exodus Intelligence to better protect companies against new threats. The partnership involves the exchange of information on new threats between FortiGuardLabs and Exodus Intelligence specialists as well as the creation of modern tools for rapid response to zero-day threats. According to the contract, both companies will:

  • Share knowledge about new zero-day threats (advanced and previously unrecognized attacks);
  • Work together to develop a rapid response system for new incidents and neutralization of threats before they enter the network of companies and public institutions.

Cybercriminals use a wide range of advanced techniques to compromise the corporate network. Their goal is to steal money, sensitive data or intellectual property or disrupt the functioning of an important service. Zero-day attacks usually harm the institutions before they find out they have become victims.

Thanks to cooperation with Fortinet, we will be able to use the extensive experience of FortiGuardLabs research laboratories to quickly detect potential attacks and protect clients from their consequences - said Logan Brown, president of Exodus Intelligence.

Zero-day attacks have always been a hard nut to crack for the security industry. How can you protect yourself from the unknown? Partnership with Exodus will allow you to better track the cybercriminal world and fight with it evenly. Both companies have many successes in finding and neutralizing new zero-day threats.

Together, we will be able to create new patterns of conduct and overtake crackers one step in the duel for a secure network - said Derek Manky, chief security specialist at Fortinet, a FortiGuardLabs expert.

More information about Exodus Intelligence:

source: Fortinet

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