Fortinet and Splunk together for the cyber security of enterprises

Fortinet, the world leader in the production of high-performance cyber security solutions, announced the establishment of cooperation with Splunk. As part of the cooperation, Fortinet will provide clients worldwide with the ability to cooperate with Splunk software, which enables quick identification and effective disposal of network threats.

Cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods, which is why companies must take into account that the security of their systems at some point can be broken. Separated security solutions are not enough. To increase protection against threats, a collaborative security model is required that increases visibility and extends the capabilities of separate solutions.

An effective security model must include well-coordinated security systems that allow rapid response to advanced threats. Thanks to our cooperation with Splunk, we allow clients to respond faster to the most important threats, where time plays an important role, which significantly reduces the risk involved - says Mary Yang, vice president of development and cooperation at Fortinet.

The FortiGate App for Splunk® Enterprise application enables the formulation of multivariate threat-related queries as well as the detection and visualization of suspicious behavior, including all security-related company data. Fortinet uses Splunk solutions to enable security professionals who manage large and complex IT environments to identify more quickly and more effectively the most important threats that could put their businesses at risk. The operational compatibility of the solution with the Splunk security model enables security specialists to respond faster to the most important threats and to automate protection against them.

The ability to seamlessly transfer security logs and threat data from Fortinet to Splunk Enterprise and Enterprise Security is a big step forward for our mutual customers. By leveraging information on the threats collected by FortiGate devices and their rapid translation into remedial actions, organizations can better use Splunk as a tool to give them an edge over hackers and protect against advanced threats, "explains Haiyan Song, vice president of security markets at Splunk.

Customers around the world recognize the benefits of cooperation between Fortinet and Splunk

Swisscom is always trying to implement the most innovative and the most effective technologies, both in its enterprise and in its clients' enterprises. Collaboration with Fortinet and Splunk enables us to expand our capabilities to provide security services, which provides our clients with even greater benefits and protection, and reduces our internal integration costs, "says Christof Jungo, director of security and engineering architecture at Swisscom.

Availability of Fortinet FortiGate Application for Splunk

FortiGate Application for Splunk 1.1 and FortiGate Add-on for Splunk 1.0 are now available to customers at no extra charge. You can download them on the Splunkbase website at

Solutions are presented at the Fortinet stand, as well as as part of a joint presentation at the worldwide Splunk for users conference, which takes place from 21-24 September 2015 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

source: Fortinet

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