Fortinet launches a global threat analysis service

Fortinet has launched a new FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Service (TIS) threat analysis service. The cloud threat analysis platform provides indicators and data on cyberthreatment trends, enabling immediate recognition of dangers on a global scale. FortiGuard TIS uses the results of research conducted by the Fortinet FortiGuard Labs laboratory.

According to a recent Forrester study involving 342 security managers, the biggest challenge in cyber security is adapting to the "dynamic evolution of cyber threats". It was also underlined that 78% of information security directors who implemented the threat analysis platform did not report any violations in their organizations. Directors who correctly use threat analysis in combination with an appropriate security strategy are better prepared to effectively protect their businesses or institutions.

Due to the wide range of the sensor network, Fortinet is well-equipped to provide accurate telemetry data on threats around the world. FortiGuard Labs receives and processes more than 50 billion events a day, and the new FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Service enables us to provide comprehensive information on threats to our clients and security providers - says Jolanta Malak, Fortinet regional sales director for Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

The cyber attack chain reporting function provides additional information about specific, explicitly defined trends related to threats that are present in a given industry and around the world. Security managers can display the most active applications, intrusion prevention system signatures, malicious programs and botnets in particular industries, and easily compare observed trends with trends in their industry (by company size or geographical location) and the overall situation.

Users using the platform can also go into details about specific threats to identify their activity trends, dissemination and classification. Integration with the FortiGuard Encyclopedia knowledge base provides access to extended threat descriptions, including detailed information about their origin, behavior and control methods. Individual application vulnerabilities and malicious programs may also be provided with additional notes developed by security research specialists from the FortiGuard Labs laboratory.

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