Fortinet with a new line of products balancing WAN load

FORTINET, the world leader in the production of high-performance cyber security solutions, presented the new load balancer family FortiWAN. The debut of the latest product series is a consequence of the acquisition of the AscenLink line from Xterra in 2013. FortiWAN 200B, 1000B and 3000B combine the functionality of AscenLink solutions with the security offered by Fortinet products. Expanding the portfolio serves to provide companies with a comprehensive range of collateral - from end devices to data processing in the cloud.

An answer to the growing demands of Internet users

With the increasing popularity of SaaS (ang. Software as a Service), or software as a service, the availability of an increasing number of content rich content (called. Rich content) and greater geographical dispersion structures, companies are struggling with a heavy load network. Fortinet's new fortiWAN line helps private enterprises and public institutions maximize the current bandwidth, as well as provide effective scaling and aggregation. For organizations that use or want to work with many Internet providers, this means increasing bandwidth while reducing costs and simplifying management.

Recognized technology under the wings of the leader

FortiWAN products are the next stage in the evolution of the AscenLink load balancers developed over 10 years - from now on they are fully integrated with the Fortinet network security solutions. All FortiWAN products are equipped with a number of functions, such as backup links , incoming traffic management from various links or patented technology of their aggregation (Tunnel Routing), as well as other advanced features.

There are three products in the new FortiWAN family:

  • FortiWAN 200B - bandwidth up to 200 Mbs, 5 GbE ports,
  • FortiWAN 1000B - bandwidth up to 1 Gbs, 3 GbE ports and 4 GbE SFP ports,
  • FortiWAN 3000B - bandwidth up to 3 Gbs, 8 GbE ports, 8 GbE SFP ports and 8 10GbE SFP ports.

Fortinet consistently launches innovative, high-performance, secure and feature-rich solutions that help companies and institutions to get the most out of their IT infrastructure. With the introduction of the FortiWAN line, we not only meet AscenLink customers, showing them how important they are to us, but also prove that our ambition is to create the best network solutions in the world - said John Maddison, vice president of solutions marketing at Fortinet.


FortiWAN 200B, FortiWAN 1000B and FortiWAN 3000B are available from authorized Fortinet Partners. More information about devices can be found HERE .

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