G DATA became a partner of the Nobody's Children foundation

G DATA supports the activities of the longest-running Nobody's Children Foundation in Poland dealing with the safety of the youngest by transferring 1 PLN from every piece of software sold, G DATA INTERNET SECURITY for ANDROID .

Children are beginning to use the Internet at an increasingly young age. Until recently, the first contact with the global network was between 7 and 11 years of age. But the increase in the popularity of tablets, characterized by simple operation, has lowered this limit. Internet content providers take care of their youngest users, providing them with innumerable entertainment, games, films, etc. This is unfortunately only one side of the coin. The global network is also a space in which all kinds of fraudsters, cybercriminals and pedophiles appear. Children, due to their naivety and insufficient digital skills, are particularly vulnerable to cyberbullying, deception and other dangers.

It starts innocently - parents with curiosity and fascination watch the feats of their children, defeating next opponents in the virtual world. Unfortunately, the computer genius with time loses contact with the real world, the game becomes the most important for him. When parents try to tear the child away from the computer, and it reacts with the outbreak of uncontrolled aggression, it is a sign that the young man found himself in serious trouble.

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