G Data will present an advanced platform for encrypting text communication

Text messages are still one of the most frequently used functions of modern phones. To ensure that our private chats or business information go only to your recipients. G DATA has prepared a special encryption application. The G DATA SECUR CHAT tool, which was scheduled for the upcoming MWC in Barcelona, ​​offers highly advanced multiple encryption for text messages and integrated chat. As G DATA employees ensure thanks to the latest application, the user can also safely send encrypted photos and graphics.

Security experts from Bochum did not want to reinvent the open door and decided to take advantage of the already over 10 million users of the Axolotl protocol created by TextSecure.

Another German accent at the fair in sunny Catalonia is G DATA INTERNET SECURITY for ANDROID offered to business customers along with the module of the administrator of Mobile Device Management. From now on all mobile devices in the company can be secured using security technology "Made in Germany" - easy to configure and use anywhere in the world.

"Secure communication with the use of mobile devices and defining their place in the general policy of company security is becoming an important issue for management, management and administrators," says Walter Schumann, CSO G DATA Software AG. Protection of voice and text communication or data transfer from potential cyber attacks, data thieves or industrial espionage will be one of the main challenges of the future. "Together with SECURE CHAT, we provide tablet and smartphone users with an easy-to-use application that encrypts text messages and protects private content from unauthorized access."

The fully free G DATA SECURE CHAT application that allows full encryption of text messages and secure transfer of files on the website www.gdata.pl and the Google Play store will appear as early as April 2015.

Unlimited and secure communication

The Axolotl protocol enables users to communicate with extremely secure encrypted communications regardless of the SMS communication system used.
Due to the use of the cryptography method based on elliptical curves by the protocol, it is considered as safe and impossible to break all over the world.

G DATA SECURE CHAT in a nutshell:

  • Secure communication using encrypted text messages and chat for individual and conference calls
  • A quick and easy way to send encrypted images and photos
  • Backup of chat history saved on the local memory card
  • Decrypts saved copies of calls

Functions of the PREMIUM version (active INTERNET SECURITY for ANDROID required):

  • The anti-phishing filter blocking malicious URLs in received correspondence
  • Possibility to hide contacts
  • Call and message filter

source: G Data

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