Gartner 2018: the magic square of endpoint protection for business

American analytical and advisory company (with Polish branch) Gartner dealing with advising on making strategic and key decisions regarding IT technology, has published an annual report "Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms 2018" on solutions securing business IT environments. The report shows the strengths and weaknesses of each company, assigning producers various titles describing their current position in the market in specific areas of activity in the so-called magic square:

Gartner 2018

The Gartner square describes two more axes. The vertical axis determines the possibilities that a given company has to implement its ideas and solutions. These are both financial, business and organizational opportunities. The horizontal axis determines the ability to predict the directions of development of the entire industry.

A diverse market of solutions to protect IT environments

In the market research of the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, Gartner takes, among others, into account: protection efficiency, number of additional functions, ease of management, as well as such aspects as: providing repair options after attacks, blocking actions for untrusted and trusted applications, encryption of disks at the operating system level (BitLocker for Windows or FileVauld for macOS), or impact on workstations and servers, virtual systems and systems in the public and private cloud.

In 2018, Gartner classified only the ESET company as "challegers". Suppliers in this group offer solutions that fundamentally satisfy the mass market. They characterize their high sales of services or software. Manufacturers from this group often compete with solutions designed for specific purposes. They do well in the market (or dominate a large part of it, but they are not leaders when it comes to the direction of the entire industry.

Trend Micro, Sophos and Symantec were placed in the "Leaders" group. So-called leaders offer very solid products for the mass market, are characterized by high sales and offer very competitive solutions for specific purposes. They can manage the market by designating its direction, with specialized companies from the "niche players" part in the area.

In the "Niche Players" group there were companies: Fortinet, FireEye, Bitdefender, Comodo and Palo Alto. "Niche players" offer uncomplicated solutions that satisfy the needs of their buyers, as well as companies that expect specialized solutions in relation to specific requirements for functionality and protection. Companies in this part of the square may focus on a specific recipient or geographic region. According to Gartner, niche players may sometimes offer more specialized products than companies from the "Leaders" group.

The "visionaries" included: Kaspersky Lab, CowdStrike, Cylance, McAfee, Panda Security, Malwarebytes, F-Secure, Carbon Black, SentielOne, Endgame and Cisco. Visionaries often invest in the development of already existing technologies and completely new ones. They influence the direction of the entire industry. They know where the market is heading, but they are not always able to use this knowledge properly.

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