The Germans went crazy? They suggested implementing a backdoor in each device

It's not April Fool. Until April it is still very far away. It's also not "fake news".

Thomas de Maizière from the CDU party wrote a draft bill (it is now a proposal) expanding the current rules that can radically increase government espionage in the majesty of law. If the proposal is passed by the next week, car companies, technology companies, software producers, local computer manufacturers, telephones, systems and other electronic devices may be legally obliged to place the back gate in their solutions. Let us explain to non-technical people that the backdoor is a vulnerability that was created in a targeted manner to enable the manufacturer or police authorities - let's call it directly - to spy on an electronic device with access to the Internet without the user's knowledge or consent. At least in theory, because in practice such provisions will have to be included in the regulations and licensing agreements, between the consumer and the producer. That is, in contracts often containing several dozen pages that nobody reads.

According to the law, the back door is to have EVERY device that can be connected to the Internet. We include smart TVs, computers, smartphones, IoT, Wearable, modern household appliances, light bulbs, lighting systems, monitoring cameras ... But also built-in security systems.

One example of the use of this odd recipe in practice will be some types of security in cars that send the driver information about an attempt to open the door. When the recipe comes into force, such a warning will not be sent to the car owner. It's enough for the police to argue with the investigation being carried out. In a word, the services will only need the consent of the leading judge. Burglaries to devices connected to the Internet to get some data about the citizen will become an everyday reality. This will certainly lead to abuse.

The plans of Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière are some nightmare from the Orwellian novel. It may happen that the German population will be overheard in their own home via eg smart TV or toys . Unfortunately, stupidity is contagious, so this provision in various forms may spread to other EU countries, because "since Germany is us too". But Europe will not be a precursor .

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