Google Play Protect security loses with anti-viruses

Google claims to scan all applications on Android smartphones and tablets for malware. As the reality shows, it probably does not quite manage the scale of this undertaking. Test conducted from November 2017 to March 2018 shows that antivirus applications on Android provide much better protection than the built-in Google Play Protect tool.

Google's commitment to protect its users from malicious applications is indeed ambitious and respectful, but the protection itself still does not work as Google would like. This is confirmed by the test result carried out within 6 months. The tested anti-virus software, as well as the Google Play Protect tool, were designed to detect almost 9,500 freshly infected applications and in the second test category to filter over 8,500 applications containing examples of malware identified 2 weeks earlier.

Google Play Protect Android

Google Play Protect is at the end

Before all security applications, the first task was to detect 3,200 completely new examples of malware in the real world test. Another goal was to detect a reference set consisting of a further 2800 applications containing malware, which had been infecting devices on the Internet for two weeks. In total, it was necessary to filter about 18,000 malicious applications.

The Google Play Protect tool was far behind, reaching 56.8% and 61.5% detection.

Google Play Protect

Almost all antivirus programs have achieved a much better result than Google Play Protect. Anity, Cheetah Mobile, G Data, Sophos, Symantec, Tencent, Trend Micro, Alibaba, Avast, McAfee, PSafe, Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab, AhnLab, F-Secure and Ikarus are the producers of mobile antiviruses who have achieved significantly better results than Google's security .

It is worth emphasizing that the research was carried out by an independent research institute, thanks to which users are 100% sure that the results are "hard evidence" in the form of numbers and effects.

- explains Robert Dziemianko from G Data.

Google is committed to providing more security for all Android users. It does not quite come out. After such incidents as: porn ads in the applications , f- fraudulent applications to log in to Polish banks , or 700,000 infected programs found in the official Google store - or after all, you can still "trust" the default Google security?

The current test results for Google Play Protect show that it is not worth blindly entrusting Mountain View scanners to the recognition of malicious applications. This task is still better achieved by anti-viruses.

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