HAVEN: an Android application that was created on the initiative of people under surveillance by the services

In a similar situation as Edward Snowden there were many journalists, activists, activists or programmers. Each of them to a greater or lesser extent, he wanted to protect the data stored on the device, fearing that they could get into the wrong hands. Edward Snowden and his colleagues from the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Guardian Project began work on the "Haven" application for Android.

Haven is designed for people who want to protect their privacy without affecting profiling from third parties. Haven uses smartphone sensors (microphone, motion sensor, light detector, camera) to monitor changes in this aspect and records everything by recording these events in graphic or audio form in the device's memory. It is worth noting here that the authors of the project point out the fundamental difference between Haven and other software, eg to monitor the environment - Haven does not send any data to the producer's cloud. Everything saves on the device:

Haven turns every phone into a guard, and this one monitors the environment using built-in sensors.

As the authors of the application write, "Haven was created for investigative journalists, human rights defenders and people forced to hide." Works with the Orbot application to support the Tor network and Signal communicator, WhatsApp and Gmail, Google Drive and other file sharing applications - Haven can send notifications or save logs to files on an external server.

Sample use of Haven

Haven can protect your laptop locked in a hotel safe. All you need to do is place your smartphone on a laptop, and the rest will be dealt with by sensors:

  • if someone tries to open the safe, Haven will register the change in light intensity and send a notification;
  • will register a conversation during our absence, or even the opening of a safe that generates a sound;
  • if someone manages to get to the safe and tries to steal the laptop, he will have to "move" the phone, which will detect traffic changes;
  • taking a photo of a thief will also not be a problem (the photo may be saved in a designated location or sent to the server);

Haven in the development version is already available in Google Play and in the alternative F-Droid store. The program code has been made public. Everyone can look at it. This will certainly prevent the rear doors from being built and will convince the persons who have been forced or want to use such a program.

Haven is not yet available for the iPhone, although the authors promise such support. For now, they suggest buying a cheap "Android", which can be configured to send notifications to the iPhone via, for example, the Signal communicator, encrypting along the way all communication through the Orbot (Tor network).

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