Hotfix 10.9.9 for SpyShelter reduces the BSOD blue death screens

SpyShelter - a security solution that Datpol has been developing for 10 years, received a very small but necessary update to version 10.9.9 . Fixed a problem with the occasional incorrect loading of the driver on 32 and 64-bit systems, which sometimes caused the display of the blue screen of death.

For users who use Datpol products and are struggling with the problem, we recommend urgent updating to version 10.9.9.

To readers who have not been associated with the names Datpol and SpyShelter so far, we encourage you to catch up on reading the detailed reviews . The software of the home company can not only replace modern anti-virus products, but also provide almost unbreakable protection against sophisticated threats.


Thanks to the built-in numerous functions, the product can completely replace traditional antivirus software. What's more, there is no doubt that it will work as a system guard, offering among others:

  • protection of system and system files against modification, rootkit installation, code injection,
  • protection of the system against keyloggers operating from the kernel level,
  • protection against interception of the image from the webcam and sound from the built-in loudspeaker of the laptop,
  • protection against screen shots,
  • advanced two-way firewall,
  • increased resistance of selected applications to manipulation of exploits by limiting their access to files and the registry, capturing keys and increasing permissions.


In the area of ​​the operating system (especially the SpyShelter Firewall version), the solution of the Polish company guarantees detection of much more sophisticated threats than modern anti-viruses.

If you do not like anti-viruses or you want to try something else, then SpyShelter is for you.

Details can be found on the manufacturer's website :

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