How to using ByLock and 1 pixel to terrorise citizens?

You probably know about this President Turkey-Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who visited Poland in October 2017.

Turkey is a strange country. Continually negotiates to join the European Community, although to the naked eye, you can see that the politicians of the EU more dependent on the joining of Turkey than vice versa. Turkey is also a Muslim country, where activists and human rights defenders are sometimes treated as terrorists. Censorship shall be pages that contain pornography and torrents. Here is limited access to social media and independent information portals (but it just reminds the action on Facebook and YouTube, which independent journalists right-wing media in Poland block channels). In Turkey there are also prohibited applications, which due to the encryption of text messages and calls online are on the black list and police departments.

ByLock, the application life-threatening the Turkish reason of State

When in 2016 to the largest cities in Turkey entered tanks, launched a coordinated operation, overthrow the Government and remove from Office the current President Erdogan. After an unsuccessful attempt to coup the Turkish intelligence agency discovered that the application ByLock was used as a communication tool by tens of thousands of citizens who, in lesser or greater were associated with the movement responsible for the assassination.

Since then, Turkey banned the use of ByLock, but the encryption algorithm has been broken. The benefit of the ByLocker there was no longer any: failed to decrypt the 10 million messages, which was the prelude to the arrests on a massive scale. July 2017 year according The Guardian was deprived of freedom 75000 people. Among them were officials, judges, police officers, relatives of employees the same Erdogan, soldiers, entrepreneurs, and ordinary citizens. Many alleged participation in a coup, part of the acquitted, but some were tortured. Portal writes about 240 killed, 40 000 people arrested and 100 000 suspects. Many were those who lost their jobs and houses, but also many were those who committed suicide, fearing torture.

A list of phone numbers of suspects, made and delivered by the Turkish intelligence services:

Lista oskrażonych obywateli Turcji

According to police, that at the request of the public prosecutor's Office has put together the evidence and has developed a list of suspects, ByLock users in accordance with Turkish law 2599 "Police could not be brought in the indictment because the evidence has not been gained in the legal way. To verify life, which can be presented in court, and what is not. The arrests are not. Only after many weeks and months Hi poor wretches were acquitted. Some of the cyberszpiegowska operation Turkey on your own nation has ruined lives. Drained the work and homes.

Spyware is image sizes 1x1px

One of the criteria by which Turkish authorities managed to locate users, cookie, that on the device set the characteristic number using the Tracker image about the size of a 1 x 1 pixel. This picture fragment is often invisible to the human eye – if you don't know where to look. And if you set it in the application background color become transparent.

Aplikacja ByLock

Censorship in Poland

For now, Poland officially does not block torrents, although the website map prepared by – fighting for freedom on the net – shows something else. This information is not entirely accurate-some Internet service providers may block sites with torrents, but freedom is not yet limited by law. Will there ever be? Let's hope not, because it is a copyright infringement, which is not permitted by law and shall be prosecuted ex officio.

The information presented on the map below we add that Poland already has its own Register of prohibited sites. From 1 July Internet provider-under penalty of a fine up to 250 thousand. PLN – within 48 hours are required to block access to unregistered domain in Poland, associated with gambling activities. The obligation to payment operators are also blocking. Censorship on Internet gambling can get around very easily. Politicians, who stood behind this Act, certainly not consulted key technical issues with specialists.

As censorship looks like in other countries and in Poland? Take a look at these maps (large map size).

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