However, Polish internet users are afraid of banking Trojans - the G Data report

The Internet has opened a number of new opportunities for consumers, such as online shopping, access to online currency exchange offices, auction platforms and electronic banking. But the growing popularity of online services attracts to the network of hackers reaching for sophisticated tools. Malicious software wreaks increasing havoc on computers, tablets and smartphones. What are the most feared domestic surfers?

The participants of the G DATA study determined the level of danger using the numbers 1-5, where 1 meant the lowest risk.

Bank banking Trojans arouse the greatest fear among network users. 73 percent of respondents gave them a maximum of 5, and the average grade was 4.79.

Very similar ratings have been obtained for offenses related to account substitution when making online transfers. In this case, the average rating issued by the respondents is 4.43. 72 percent of respondents issued this form of crime the maximum rating.

An interesting fact is that respondents are not afraid of social engineering fraud - the average rating is 3.30. The experts from the security industry, who exchange phishing among the biggest threats awaiting e-banking clients, have a completely different opinion.

Recently, the media has been reporting numerous holes in the Android operating system or spy software installed on some smartphone models. Most Poles do not see the dangers of using mobile terminals. Only 30 percent of respondents gave them a note of 5, and the average of ratings was 3.23.

Native Internet users are most concerned about crimes related to the theft of financial resources. This is a completely understandable attitude that characterizes all nations. Unfortunately, there is still relatively little awareness about malicious viruses targeting mobile terminals. Here, a lot of work in the field of user education awaits us - says Robert Dziemanko from G DATA.

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