IBM prohibits employees from using USB disks because of a vulnerability in Windows

Due to a security vulnerability in Windows 10 (and earlier versions) recently detected by one of the Bitdefender engineers , IBM prohibits the use of all removable storage media throughout the company as part of a new policy to avoid financial and reputational damage due to misplaced or an incorrectly used USB disk. Recall that it was about triggering BSOD by any program that will try to access the USB drive (the gap is still not patched).

BSOD Windows 10

IBM Chief IT Officer, Shamla Naidoo, told the staff in an internal email that the company "is expanding the practice of banning data transfer to all portable storage devices (e.g., USB, SD card, flash memory)."

Although some departments have already applied this policy for some time, "over the next few weeks we will try to implement this policy around the world," Naidoo said, according to The Register.

In a world full of data security breaches, the introduction of this policy is well-founded. The reason for the new rules is simple, because the possible financial and reputational damage resulting from improperly placed, lost or improperly used portable data storage devices can be huge.

- comments Mariusz Politowicz, technical engineer representative of the Bitdefender brand in Poland

It is worth remembering that the dangerous Stuxnet Internet worm was written in such a way as to spread from the terminal to the terminal via USB drives. The problem with Windows already discovered quite a long time ago is not as serious as the Stuxnet worm, but many people are afraid of the incident in their networks. And it's no wonder that IBM has taken the right steps, because it can lead to many problems with security and data theft.

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