Increased threat from banking Trojans

According to Bitkom data 73 percent of Internet users carry out online financial transactions. In 2014, the Federal Criminal Police of Germany reported 6984 attacks on online banking customers using phishing. This means a 70 percent increase compared to last year, in which 4096 such incidents took place. G DATA SecurityLabs has published a report on the occurrence of malware in the first half of 2015. In the analyzed period there was an increase in attacks directed against online banking customers. Since 2011, when the G DATA BankGuard technology was made available in all G DATA solutions, it prevented the effects of cyber attacks of a potential value of over 100 million euros. Experts expect that in 2015 the number of attacks carried out via banking Trojans will increase. G DATA Malware The report is available on the Polish G DATA website.

Experts from G DATA SecurityLabs in the first half of 2015 detected 3,045,722 new types of malware, which means 64.8 percent growth in annual terms.

Bank Trojans hit the clients of Polish and German banks

"In 2015, there was a massive attack by the banking Swatbanker Trojan. However, during the period considered, more attacks were thwarted than in previous years, "explains Ralf Benzmüller, head of G DATA SecurityLabs. "We expect that in 2015 the number of attacks carried out via banking Trojans will increase for the first time since 2012."

The Swatbanker Trojan offensive has made experts from G DATA SecurityLabs take a closer look at the virus. Cybercriminals, using the Swatbanker Trojan, attacked online banking customers in Austria, Germany and Poland. The massaged amount of attacks makes online banking users fall into the trap. Experts suggest that the Swatbanker Trojan was also used to attack the Bundestag.

G DATA BankGuard protects online banking customers

G DATA BankGuard technology is available in G DATA applications from April 2011. G DATA experts calculated that the technology allowed to prevent 182,457 attacks to the first half, which could have caused damage estimated at over 100 million euros.

More forecasts

  • The total number of new malware types will be higher than in 2014 (5,998,685).
  • The number of attacks carried out with the use of banking Trojans in 2015 will increase for the first time since 2012.

Read the full report of G DATA Malware Report H1 / 2015 .

source: G DATA

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