Jealousy, and murder, or "uncontrollable RODO"

Each data can be redeemed. Also the traffic, because the market appears more and more systems and applications for this, especially that in the next few months, all companies will be faced with RODO. Part of such monitors supports industry and Government (for example, by examining traffic density on pedestrian crossings and junctions), part of the business (by optimizing route couriers and distribution of store shelves), and some individual users ( Pedometers and training assistant applications).

From the moment you deflect into his pocket phone with GPS so really we produce unique data same. Their value can be rather conventional (e.g. sports statistics Endomondo), however, for a person trying to shape our shopping preferences or-for a change-planning our murder, such information could prove invaluable. For the latest dangerous idea with a hidden monitor traffic just arrested Rasheedę Johnson Turner-37-year-old kalifornijkę, czerpiącą irregular profits from pornographic performances.

At the end of last year the woman began to suspect that the ...

... her 55-year-old cohabitant meets with another woman. As a mother of a child dependent on financially from a partner, and snow-white awoke and that as a result, the romance a man cutting off it from your bank account and delete with salaries in the insurance policy. The policy on 150 000 dollars, which at least for a time, allow her and the child's financial stability. Determined began searching for the person who accepts the order for her partner. Land wanted to, that her chosen candidate turned out to be an FBI informant. This has notified an alarming Declaration of relevant departments and continue playing the killer made the dialogue about the order.

During the talks and meetings with the informant a woman revealed that from the beginning she wanted to personally kill acid partner acquired from a plumber. However, this is considered too risky-"a child could enter during the action" and be unnecessary witnessed the crime. She said, too, that if you want to constantly keep track of cohabitant has installed in its application on your phone remote monitoring device. It has been found that the man often sleeping in his car and was able to keep the check where it is and whether it is moving, what was to constitute valuable hints for Assassin. The agent has map activity you're aiming at 55-year-old and a proposal for a signal from a fixed number, when the target is in a designated area. Had to remove man and his phone, which, if investigations could detect culprits. Prize: $50 000 from the policy. As proof of insurance and a $500 paid photo showed the advances.

December 5, called the zakonspirowanego FBI agent and greeted him with the words: "kids need to pick up the previously", which interpreted as command to speed up the case. 7 December phone again: "fly longer requires packs". A day later a woman was met with an agent-this time with a hidden recording equipment-to complete the transaction. Sent him a photo to, plan administration, its exact location and set sms password "operation Dumbo", as a confirmation of the closure of the topic. Ensure that after the fact will erase the incriminating traces by removing from your phone application tropiącą. The agent heard that a woman absolutely no fears slip, because "watching tv series and programs dedicated to the murder of learned perfectly cheat justice". on December 13, the informant he dialed her number, asking about the location of the victims. When FBI agents confirmed the veracity of the given guidelines, immediately notify surprised man about a failed assassination attempt on his life and arrest zleceniodawczynię. If the Court finds her guilty threatens her to 10 years in prison. Woman pleads guilty to.

This situation shows that the minimum technical knowledge to quickly and easily collect information that can be used as a support of a malicious attack. Continuous improvement of UX and UI (user interface and experience) in millions of available applications that made use of their advanced capabilities is simply simple. So simple that virtually every user of the Smartphone or social media may harm the disliked person or authority eg. maliciously encrypting Virus files available in the model, RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service), or simply amount to sensitive data with in the workplace. And if it can make bullish, it is easy to imagine far more dangerous are qualified the hacker, who can perfectly associate and use even the scant security information. As it does not provide them with fuel?

Uncontrolled loss of data and RODO

The solution is to treat their data as real value, which should be valued and protected. Our security measures are first sense, the second dedicated solutions significantly increasing our security on the network. Individual users have long respected, to consider what information about yourself to share on the network. Or photos of the new car, for which we do not have a garage bearing the information about wytargowanym Rabat ("but przyjanuszowałem!") should land in all of our social media? Rather not.

While companies and organizations-and in the context of the upcoming RODO -should make a digital conscience: will enough to protect the processed data, both in our network and beyond? The company Anzena recalls that their safe movement is not at all difficult to care. Inside circulating information we'll secure applications DLP (data leak protection) are preventing uncontrolled data leaks. In turn, data on devices, leaving the place of business we will help keep using the appropriate encryption. It is worth to think about this before particularly malicious cyber attack or severe punishment for improper processing will be for our business the proverbial death sentence.


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