Kaspersky Lab announces the transfer of the main infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland

As part of its global transparency initiative, Kaspersky Lab is preparing to transfer its main research and development processes from Russia to Switzerland. This applies to the storage and processing of customer data for most regions, as well as the compilation of software, including updates of databases used in the detection of threats. Kaspersky Lab wants to ensure full transparency and integrity of this undertaking, which is why supervision over it has been entrusted to an independent entity, which will also be located in Switzerland.

The global transparency initiative announced in October 2017 reflects Kaspersky Lab's drive to ensure integrity and trust in its products. New ventures are the next steps in the development of this initiative, but they are also a manifestation of the company's commitment to the idea of ​​mutual cooperation in order to overcome the growing challenges of industry fragmentation and lack of trust that is essential for cyber security. Kaspersky Lab realizes that it is not something that has been given once and for all, but should be constantly acquired through transparency and accountability.

New projects include changing the storage and processing of data for many regions, relocating the software compilation process and opening the first transparency center.

By the end of 2019, Kaspersky Lab will launch a data center in Zurich, where it will store and process all information regarding users from Europe, North America, Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Korea. This information is transferred voluntarily by users to the advanced, cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), which automatically processes data related to cyber threats.

Relocation of the software compilation process

Kaspersky Lab will also transfer to Zurich a set of development tools used to compile the software from the source code. Before the end of 2018, products and databases containing hazard detection rules will begin to be compiled and signed with a digital signature in Switzerland before being sent to customers around the world. This transfer will mean that all newly compiled programs will be able to be verified by an independent organization and will show that the client's compilations and software updates received are identical to the source code submitted for the audit.

Establishment of the first center of transparency

The source code of Kaspersky Lab's products and software updates will be made available to the interested persons in the framework of the transparency center, which will also be located in Switzerland, and its opening is planned for the current year. This approach will show that the next generations of Kaspersky Lab products were created and used only for one purpose: to protect the company's clients from cyber threats.

Independent supervision and audit

Kaspersky Lab plans to supervise the storage and processing of data, software compilation and source code to an independent third party that will have the appropriate qualifications to conduct technical software audits. Because transparency and trust are becoming common requirements in the cybersecurity industry, Kaspersky Lab supports the establishment of a new non-profit organization that will undertake this task, not only for Kaspersky Lab, but also other partners and members who decide to join.

Kaspersky Lab's involvement

As a leading global provider of cyber security solutions, Kaspersky Lab has always supported the most trusted industry practices, including strong protection of transmitted data, rigorous internal policies regarding access to information, regular security infrastructure testing, etc. Through new operations, Kaspersky Lab intends to significantly improve the resilience of its infrastructure IT for all risks associated with trust - even theoretical - and increase your transparency for current and future customers, as well as other people.


Kaspersky Lab jewgienij kasperski

Commenting on the transfer of the process and the opening of the transparency center, Evgeniy Kasperski, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said:

In a rapidly growing industry like ours, we need to adapt to the evolving needs of our customers, stakeholders and partners. One of such needs is transparency, which is why we decided to redesign our infrastructure and transfer the data processing process to Switzerland. We believe that this venture will become a global trend in the cybersecurity industry and that trust policy will be accepted in this area as a key basic requirement.

For more information on the principles of transparency of Kaspersky Lab, please visit https://www.kaspersky.pl/o-na…


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