Kaspersky Lab appeals against the court's decision regarding the prohibition of using the company's products at US federal agencies

Kaspersky Lab announces an appeal to a federal court regarding a US Department of Homeland Security (US Department of Homeland Security) decision to issue a 17-01 directive that prohibits the use of company products in federal agencies.

Kaspersky Lab filed an appeal under the Administrative Procedures Act to claim its rights and challenge a directive prohibiting the use of company products and solutions by government agencies in the United States. Kaspersky Lab relies on the fact that the DHS decision is unconstitutional and relies on subjective, non-technical sources, such as anecdotal and in many cases anonymous media reports, allegations and rumors. What's more, DHS did not allow the company to assert its rights with regard to unconfirmed allegations that form the basis of the directive, and did not provide any evidence of inappropriate actions of Kaspersky Lab.

The willingness of Kaspersky Lab to cooperate with DHS is well documented. Considering the company's long-term commitment to transparency, development of its own technologies and services based on trust as well as cooperation with governments and the IT security industry around the world, Kaspersky Lab approached DHS in mid-July 2017 offering the provision of any information or support about the company, its operation and products. In mid-August 2017, DHS confirmed receipt of Kaspersky Lab's letter, appreciating the willingness of the company to provide information and expressing interest in further communication with Kaspersky Lab in the matter under consideration. However, another message to Kaspersky Lab from DHS was transmitted on September 13, 2017, notification of Directive 17-01.

As a result, DHS's actions have caused damage both to Kaspersky Lab's reputation in the IT security industry and to the level of sales of the company's products and solutions in the United States. These actions have unfairly undermined the fundamental principles used by Kaspersky Lab in relation to the protection of its clients and the fight against cyber threats, regardless of their source and purpose. By submitting the appeal Kaspersky Lab counts on the protection of its constitutionally guaranteed rights and on the compensation of damages caused in relation to the commercial activity of the company, its employees in the US and US business partners.

Due to the fact that Kaspersky Lab has not been able to address the allegations and because of the lack of any evidence to justify DHS activities, it is in the company's interest to protect its rights. Regardless of DHS's decision, the company will continue its activities in protecting the world against cybercrime - said Evgeniy Kasperski, president and CEO of Kaspersky Lab.

In order to support the commitment to carry out its activities based on trust and credibility, on October 23, 2017, Kaspersky Lab launched a global transparency initiative . It includes, among others: independent audit of software source code, upgrades and cyber threats detection rules; an independent audit of internal processes aimed at verifying the integrity of solutions and activities; launch by 2020 three transparency centers in Asia, Europe and the United States; an increase of up to 100,000 dollars in remuneration for independent researchers identifying errors in the company's solutions as part of the bug bounty program.

Additional information related to the functioning of Kaspersky Lab can be found at https://www.kaspersky.pl/o-na…

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