Kaspersky Lab joins an elite group of researchers detecting vulnerabilities

The non-profit organization MITRE Corporation, which runs the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system identifying vulnerabilities, has included Kaspersky Lab in the list of CVE Numbering Authorities (CNA). Kaspersky Lab is the sixth company in the world that has obtained the status of CNA in recognition of the expert knowledge of its research team and the ongoing process of increasing the security of its own products. One of the wider CNA activities is coordinated by the ICS CERT team operating within Kaspersky Lab, which was founded in 2016. As part of its CNA status, the ICS CERT team identifies gaps in the security solutions of industrial automation software and coordinates joint activities with industrial suppliers to secure these gaps.

The efforts of Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT researchers to identify security gaps have been recognized in the annual US ICS-CERT report. Over the past 10 months, ICS CERT Kaspersky Lab has reported over 100 vulnerabilities in industrial automation software, including such companies as GE, Rockwell, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

Through participation in the CNA program, Kaspersky Lab may assign CVE numbers to newly identified security vulnerabilities and publicly disclose information about them. The scope of this authorization covers the company's own products and third party software that is not covered by another CNA institution.

More information about the ICS-CERT team operating within Kaspersky Lab is available at https://ics-cert.kaspersky.com

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