Kaspersky Lab obtains a patent for Security Architecture for Virtual Machines

Kaspersky Lab announces obtaining a patent for its Security Architecture for Virtual Machines technology. The patent was granted by the American Patent Office and describes technology that provides full protection of virtual machines against cyber threats without affecting their performance.

The technology created by Kaspersky Lab is a combination of a specialized virtual security machine and light agents installed on other virtual machines within the infrastructure. The specialized machine is equipped with a safety module and serves as a safety solution for all other machines. This method allows agents not only to send data directly to the security module for analysis and to execute its instructions, but also to receive advanced instruments for protection or correction, if needed.

In virtual environments, each virtual machine is allocated exactly as much RAM and computing power as needed to perform the tasks entrusted to it. This dynamic allocation of resources allows you to run more virtual machines on a given server. If a conventional security solution is installed on each virtual machine, the resource consumption will be disproportionately large to the achieved goal and may lead to performance problems and even the stability of the virtual infrastructure.

Using Kaspersky Lab technologies helps significantly reduce the workload, and the agent installed provides more reliable protection than the popular approach in which no agent is used: offers access to memory and deep system processes, using additional security technologies such as online control, application control and device control.

"One of the main benefits of virtualization technology is the more efficient use of resources. Conventional tools for information protection are not designed to operate on virtual machines. Our newly patented technology helps ensure reliable protection of virtual environments without affecting their effectiveness. What's more, this technology is currently the only truly dedicated security tool designed for certain virtualization platforms, "said Matwiej Wojtow, manager of the corporate products group, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab's patented Security Architecture for Virtual Machines technology is used in Kaspersky Security for Virtualization | Light Agent . This solution protects servers and virtual workstations in environments such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere. In particular, this product uses advanced technologies to protect against malware, in-depth system and memory scanning, online control, application control, device control and many other functions.

source: Kaspersky Lab

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