Kaspersky Lab patented the protection of data recorded by the microphone

Kaspersky Lab has developed and patented (patent number US9652625) a method to prevent unauthorized access to data recorded by the microphone on devices running Windows. This method is used in the company's flagship solutions for home users: Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security. According to the producer, oOther no other security solutions available on the market have integrated technologies to protect microphones from unauthorized access.

Simplified operation algorithm.

In order to protect the user's audio data, it is necessary to monitor all microphone access requests in the operating system and block those that are unauthorized or initiated by untrusted applications. Simply turning off the microphone or covering it with tape does not solve the problem, because the intruders can still record sounds near the device via speakers or other methods. Currently, Windows does not contain any special default protection against unauthorized access to user audio data. That is why Kaspersky Lab experts have developed and patented a new approach that filters internal commands supported by the Windows Audio service and identifies the creation of any new audio stream by any application. Next, the "Application Control" function built into Kaspersky Lab solutions is used, which assigns all programs to one of the categories: "trusted", "low / high limitations" or "untrusted" - depending on their reputation, content and manufacturer. If an attempt to access the microphone by a program from the "untrusted" or "low / high limit" category is detected, the request will be blocked immediately.

Audio protection is part of the "Privacy Protection" technology set, which is equipped with Kaspersky Lab's security solutions for home users. The package also includes the function "Webcam protection", which notifies users about access to the camera (built-in or external) by applications. Kaspersky Lab solutions also offer the "Incognito surfing" function, which blocks all attempts to collect user data via a web browser. These functions are for PCs and Macs.

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