Kaspersky Lab selects the most promising startups participating in akceleracyjnym Security Startup Challenge

Kaspersky Lab has announced the winners of its inaugural program Security Startup Challenge, aimed at identifying and supporting new talent in the industry cybersecurity. Winners were introduced during the grand final, which took place on August 13 at the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts (MIT).

Prize for the most promising startups have been awarded to the following companies: Excalibur from Slovakia (1st place), Pipe from Germany (2nd place), Cyber DriveWare from Israel and the United States ZeroDB (3rd Prize ex aequo). Each team has participated in the prize pool valued at $80 000. In addition, for the first space provided for software support.

Yevgeny Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab's Chairman and ceo, said:

"Because the number of and the degree of sophistication of cyber threats significantly increases from year to year, we have decided to encourage young entrepreneurs from around the world to create their own cybersecurity solutions or develop safety features in its projects. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in the field of safety and we are glad that we can work together with promising technology poll question comes to make the world a safer place.

We organized Security Startup Challenge for the first time and we are pleased that during this program akceleracyjnego so many talented founders of startups introduced the impressive improvements to their projects. Congratulations to all the finalists and I wish you luck in the big world of business ".

Security Startup Challenge (SSC) is an accelerator produced by Kaspersky Lab in collaboration with the investment industry leaders- Mangrove Capital Partners and ABRT Venture Fund. During the three months the SSC provided business expertise on cybersecurity and inter-branch cooperation founders 23 startups in the field of cybersecurity and related areas, such as financial, health, mobile industry, the Internet of things can cloud solutions. Participants of SSC 2015 had the opportunity to explore the hottest trends in cybersecurity, the creation of the action plan on the development of their projects, attracting the first users and customers, to collect and analyse actual comments from the market, product improvements, examine the competition and the schedule of financing a startup.

Teams participating in the scheme to work remotely, and their progress was monitored weekly by the experts. cybersecurity and mentors startups, among which were experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Participants had also two bootcampy organised by PricewaterhouseCoopers in Luxembourg. Team. cybersecurity of the Luxembourg branch of PwC has lodged a new expertise to the SSC 2015, while bootcampy offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and an understanding of the latest security challenges.

During the grand final at MIT in Boston, judicial Committee emerged teams representing the most promising startups, that demonstrated the most significant improvements in their projects during the SSC 2015:

  • First place, $50 000 and support after completion of the program won the team Excalibur. The company provides transparent authentication for each system, such as a PC/Mac/website. The goal of this project is to eliminate the need for passwords using your phone as authentication tool.
  • Second place and $20 000 went to team Pipe, the author of the secure file transfer service between Web browsers without restrictions on the size of the transmitted data.
  • Third place and $10 000 coincided with two teams – Cyber DriveWare and ZeroDB. The first startup offers entrepreneurs and infrastrukturom critical protection against interfering with the activities carried out through malicious software. The second team presented the database of end-to-end, that it does not require data or keys to the server.

"Because we are entering a new period characterized by developments in digital and all-encompassing connectivity, reconsider current practices for cybersecurity. This initiative has focused teams from 14 countries and has created a platform for a dynamic exchange of experiences. It was also fascinating to see how the participants directly cooperate with representatives of the banking industry, infrastructure, services, cybercrime, risk capital and the public sector. In addition to the challenge the generally accepted concepts and ways of their implementation had the ability to test and adapt your unique sales proposal, business models and marketing maneuvers in real time, "said David Waroquier, a partner at Mangrove Capital Partners.

"Over the last year we noted a significant increase in the average cost of an incident a security breach IT by about 2.7 million dollars. If it comes to attack, organizations must pay for the investigation, damage, and improve safety in order to avoid similar threats in the future. More difficult to estimate are damage to the reputation and future transactions. Investing in technology is not enough. Safety should be part of a formal strategy. It is also important to correct the management and understanding of key data and the risks, "said Vincent Villers, partner, leader of the cybersecurity Division, PwC Luxembourg.

Source: Kaspersky Lab

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