Kaspersky Lab will make available the source code of your software and will be independently audited

Kaspersky Lab announces the launch of its initiative, the Global Transparency Initiative as part of the ongoing commitment to protecting customers against cyber threats regardless of their origin or purpose. Through this initiative, Kaspersky Lab will engage a wider community dedicated to information security and other interested parties in the process of validation and verification of the reliability of its products, internal processes and business operations, by introducing additional mechanisms of accountability, so that the company can show that it immediately and carefully responds to all issues related to security. As part of this initiative , the company intends to share the source code of your software — including software updates and updates the detection rules risks — in order to submit it to an independent test and evaluation.

While the society is now increasingly on information and communication technologies, at the same time further spread and evolution of cyber threats. In the face of epic multiplayer showdowns to pace the implementation of technologies and the expansion of the landscape of threats, Kaspersky Lab believes that the increased cooperation in the field of the protection of cyberspace has become more important than ever before. Trust is a key issue in the industry cybersecurity, therefore, should be the Foundation of any cooperation between actors that seek to protect individuals, organizations and businesses from cyber threats. At the same time Kaspersky Lab realizes that the trust is not unavoidable — they must be continually earned through a continuous commitment to transparency and accountability.

Initiative of the Global Transparency Initiative of Kaspersky Lab provides reassurance about the quest to gain and maintain the confidence of customers and partners every day. The company has never treated trust as an asset acquired once and for all and wants to strive for continuous improvement in every possible way.

The initial phase of the initiative, the Global Transparency Initiative of Kaspersky Lab will include the following activities:

  • The launch of an independent audit of the source code to the end of the quarter and 2018, and then similar surveys of software updates and detection rules.
  • To undertake an independent assessment of the company's product development processes and the risk reduction strategies for the software and supply chain to the end and quarter of 2018.
  • Develop additional control mechanisms, which will be subject to the company's practices with regard to the processing of the data, in cooperation with an independent entity that can certify the use by the company of these controls to the end of the first quarter 2018 r.
  • Run the three centers of Transparency Center in the world, the first of which is planned in 2018, in order to resolve any security issues jointly with clients, trusted partners and stakeholders Government. These centres will facilitate the trusted partners access to the source code reviews of the company, software updates and detection rules risks, as well as to take other actions. The centers will run in Asia, Europe and the United States by the end of 2020.
  • Increasing the value of the prizes in the bug bounty to 100 000 dollars for the most critical vulnerabilities found in Kaspersky Lab solutions to further motivate independent security researchers to support the activities company in terms of detecting and removing security vulnerabilities until the end of 2017.

In addition to the initial phase of the startup initiative Global Transparency Initiative , Kaspersky Lab wishes to take dialogue with stakeholders and community dedicated to the security of information in order to determine what should contain the next phase of the initiative, which will begin in the second quarter of 2018. Suggestions for further action and queries of third parties interested in cooperation with us in this regard can be directed to the following address: [email protected].

Commenting on the need for this new initiative, Yevgeny Kasperski, President and ceo of Kaspersky Lab, said:

No one outside of the cyber criminals not gaining bałkanizacji. Less cooperation between the Member States helps anyone with bad intentions in their activities, and legal partnerships do not work as they should. The Internet was created to unite the people and allow the sharing of knowledge. Cybersecurity has no limits, but attempts to bring the national borders in cyberspace are bringing effects opposite to the intended and should be discontinued. We need to restore confidence in the relationship between companies, Governments, and citizens. That's why we run Global Transparency Initiative. We want to show that we are completely open and focused. We have nothing to hide. I believe that through these efforts we will be able to overcome the distrust and to support our commitment to ensure the protection of people in every country in the world.

Kaspersky Lab will regularly publish details about the course of the initiative and extra effort. By working with a variety of stakeholders, Kaspersky Lab is hoping that its Customers and partners to join him on this journey.

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